How was "Computer Virus" birth?

ByKenya Allmond

With the spread of computers and the increase of the mail usage rate, the threat of computer viruses has been growing year by year. It is now essential to take anti-virus measures against PCs and smartphones in order to use the Internet, but it has the same behavior as a virus that infects living cells and duplicates itselfComputer virus"How was born is summarized in the electronic engineering community · EDN for engineers by engineers.

The computer virus is born, November 10, 1983 | EDN

It took place in 1983Leonardo AdelmanAt Mr. Security's seminar, Mr. Fred Cohen demonstrated the behavior of a computer infected computer program that duplicates itself and spreads it to other computers. The code used for this demonstration invades the system of the large computer of the time by inserting it into the Unix command and takes away control of the system in only 5 minutes. The code seemed to be hidden on a floppy disk containing a problem-free program at first glance.

ByChris Devers

It is one of widely used public key ciphersRSA encryptionDeveloper Edelman pointed out that the behavior of this code has the same function as the virus causing the disease. In November 1983, Cohen said "Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments (Computer Virus Theory and Experiment-)Published a paper entitled " At this time, for the first time, computer viruses were defined as "programs that can infect other programs by modifying or evolving themselves".

However, Mr. Cohen did not invent the computer virus, but was written by Richard Skrenta, a 15-year-old boy at the time in January 1982, a small-scale program that behaves like a virus "ELK CLONER"Is known as the world's first computer virus.

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