A new experience zone of 'Nifrel' that can disturb the world of cute animals so as to faint in agony 'touch the movement'

'Nifrel ', which you can enjoy in an exhibition of waterside creatures such as giant isopods, crocodiles, and horseshoe crabs, is actually positioned as a 'museum' rather than an 'aquarium'. There are also creatures other than the waterside, and in the 'touching the movement' zone, you can take a walk in the space where creatures roam freely, such as capybaras, great white pelicans, and ring-tailed lemurs. So, I enjoyed the appearance of animals that are too cute and make me want to scream.

Living Museum Nifrel


To see the inside of Nifrel from the beginning, check the following article.

I went ahead of time to 'Nifrel' produced by Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, which was particular about exhibiting 'attractive' creatures. Report --GIGAZINE

The 'touching' zone is just past the two doors and blinds, as the animals roam freely.

Inside is like this.

First of all, there was a commemorative photo space near the entrance where the crocodile's head protruded.

Beyond that, things like athletics are spreading as shown below, and ring-tailed lemurs live there.

There was a crowd of people, so when I approached it ...

Because there were no fences, ring-tailed lemurs were flocking to the stepladders of the people who came to the interview, and the surrounding photography had begun.

You can check the movie from the following.

Ring-tailed lemur flocking to the stepladder of the Asahi Shimbun-YouTube

Also, looking back at the commemorative photo space ...

Ring-tailed lemurs were climbing on their arms and head without fear of scary crocodiles.

Ring-tailed lemurs may come to you along the overhead athletics, so I'm thrilled.

You can also observe how you are eating rice with your butt.

The state of the meal time of the ring-tailed lemur that started suddenly is from the following.

Ring-tailed lemur suddenly gathers and starts eating together-YouTube

Ring-tailed lemurs are free and insanely active and do not scare humans, so they can be seen quite close.

A distance that you can touch if you reach out.

Munching the grass growing around.

So there are many photo opportunities.

A ring-tailed lemur that climbs up on a camera tripod and moves around.

Burrowing owls are also walking tech-tech in the space where ring-tailed lemurs are active.

Capybaras in the same space are less active than ring-tailed lemurs and relax in the corners of the room.

Furthermore, in the glass-walled aquarium ...

Small-clawed otter lives.

Swim comfortably in the water.

You can see how the river otter is swimming in the water from the following movie.

Small-clawed otter swimming with ferocious momentum-YouTube

On land ...

Take a nap with Suyasuya.

The two otters sleeping close to each other are so cute that they seem to be in agony.

The state of the river otter that muffles the legs of oneself and friends is from the following.

Small-clawed otter muffles his legs-YouTube

The two are close friends, and their flirting appearance is cute.


On the other hand, if you look at the American beaver aquarium ...

A beaver was sleeping in the corner, hiding in a rocky place.

African penguin aquarium

A crowned pigeon was parked on the outside of the ......

The African penguins are stuck in one place, probably because they are taking a break.

A African penguin staring at a customer.

There was also a space where great white pelicans gathered.

The huge Great White Pelican seen up close is overwhelming.

There was also a great white pelican that fluttered and flew into the space where ring-tailed lemurs and capybaras were.

At the end of the 'touching the movement' zone, you will finally enter the 'touching the connection' zone.

Here, you can enjoy the images of giant creatures projected on two sides, the wall and the floor.

After the 'touching the connection' zone was over, what I saw after that was the commemorative photo space 'Nifrel Camera'.

There is a place like a stage, and when you stand in a place with a mark ...

The following image is displayed on the front monitor. There are various types of backgrounds, and they change steadily. Since the shutter is automatically released when people come into contact with each other, the best timing for the duo who are the subjects is the photo.

After the Nifrel camera is over, the last is the souvenir shop.

A huge white tiger stuffed animal ...

Plush toys of other animals.


There were pants and so on.

So, when I went around Nifrel, there were many spectacular exhibits even though the space was not large, and the atmosphere was like an aquarium + zoo + museum, so I wanted to congratulate the creatures and beautiful things. It was possible to satisfy the desire to see at the same time, and when I finished seeing all the exhibits, I was quite satisfied. Tickets are 1900 yen including tax for adults, 1000 yen including tax for children, 600 yen for infants, and business hours are from 10:00 to 20:00.

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