A store clerk at the Apple Store requested black students "to worry about stealing something" and asked them to leave the store, then apologize

At the Apple Store in Australia, a black movie student asked the staff to leave the store because they are "worried that the security guards are stealing something" has been released and rippling .

Apostle app store, six African high school students expel apologize 1 store international news: AFPBB News

Apple apologises after allegations of racism by Australia schoolboys - BBC News

This is the movie that shot the situation at that time.

Apple in racist storm after black boys ejected from shop "because they might steal something" - YouTube

Staff in a gray shirt at the shops of the Apple Store are asking customers to leave.

There are six black students who are asked to leave.

The staff explained, "Security guards are worried that you guys would steal something."

Students who were told to leave for reasons not to mention are angry hearts. I will hear that "Why do you think you would like to steal?" ...

The staff told us, "The discussion is over, now we are away from the store."

This movie is a shop at the Apple Store in Melbourne's Shopping Center High Point in Melbourne, Australia, taken by one of the students in the movie. Six African students who attend high school in the city of Melbourne comment that what they were told to leave the store on the Apple store due to "the risk of stealing" on the Apple Store is "just racial discrimination" I posted it with a movie attached to Facebook, and I received a big reaction.

In response to AFP's interview, Apple Australian corporation said the store manager apologized when the high school principal students and students visited this Apple Store. One of the students said, "They apologized and we are calm, we do not need anything any more," he says on Facebook.

2015 November 17 10:47 postscript:
Regarding the above case, Apple CEO Tim Cook told employees that they were sending an e-mail saying "the events that can be seen from this movie do not represent our values". In the mail "The leadership team of the Apple Store including AustraliaInclusion"We are going to revamp employee education related to our customers and customers," Cook said, "I firmly believe that this is an event in one store, not an indication of the problem that is spreading in the Apple Store. I hope to make use of this moment as an opportunity for growth and learning. "

Here's Tim Cook's Email About The Black Teens Barred Entry From Apple Store - BuzzFeed News

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