'Some Japanese have set a password on their iPhone that is long enough to make them feel crazy,' it is reported overseas.

Previous research has shown that the most commonly used combination of passwords is '123456', and it is necessary to set a complicated password to prevent malicious persons from stealing personal information. A certain Japanese password is so long that it makes me feel crazy. '

This movie was posted on Twitter by Yoshito Terashita on Saturday, November 7th.

You can no longer watch the Twitter movie, but you can watch it from the following.

Long iPhone Passcode-YouTube

I took out my iPhone on the train.

Display the passcode entry screen and start entering numbers.

I will enter numbers with a light rhythm like 'Tata Tata Tata' ...

I can't finish hitting it at all.

I will continue to hit.

I just entered the password for about 10 seconds and finally the lock was released.

At the time of writing the article, the above tweets are so diffuse that they have about 21,000 retweets and 17,000 favorites. Furthermore, rumors have spread overseas and have been taken up as news in overseas media.

This guy's insanely long passcode makes you wonder what he keeps on his iPhone

This Guy's iPhone Passcode Is Too Damn Long

For iPhone, you will need to register a 4-digit passcode for iOS 7 or earlier, and a 6-digit passcode for iOS 8 or later. It's hard to find anyone who has seen long and complex passcodes like the one above, but according to Engadget , iOS 7 sets a 90-character passcode without warnings like 'passcode is too long'. It is possible to do it.

Of course, it is important to set a complicated password, but no matter how complicated and long the passcode is set, it will be meaningless if the moment of unlocking on the train is taken, so it is public. It seems that you need to be careful about unlocking in the field.

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