What is "Container ship trip" that can travel around the world at low cost?

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Everything from daily goods to industrial products"Container" which is a hidden revolutionary ideaIt is carried by a cargo ship that transports, but there are plans that can travel cheaply with cargo on a container ship operating all over the world. Although there is no facility like a luxurious passenger ship, a travel ship of a container ship that can experience an unprecedented boat trip is spelled out.

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Robert Rieffel is a member of the state of Georgia, USASavannaI was fascinated by a cargo ship since I saw a huge cargo ship anchored at the harbor. I checked the way to go home and board a cargo ship, and found out that there are plans for placing several passengers in addition to the crew. There is also a movie released on YouTube hit by a violent storm of container ships, but Mr. Rieffel has decided to travel a container ship while watching the following movies over and over. In June 2013, Mr. Rieffel left for a 28-day container ship trip with his wife.

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Cargo ships are keeping an eye out for stowaways, but civilians such as Mr. Rieffel can officially board as 'guests'. Container ship travel industry is one of small industries that has been going on for more than 20 years and there are also travel agencies all over the world that arrange container ship trips. According to Julie Richards, an Australian travel agency arranging a container ship trip from 100 to 200 per year, container ships leaving Australia have many routes around Asia from the USA or Europe and plan for a few days to 60 days It seems that plans that go round the world are prepared from.

Meals are served while you are on board, and you eat at the same place as the crew. Cleaning of the room is done at least once a week, but washing is done by oneself. Although it is possible to land at the harbor carrying the cargo, it is necessary to return with responsibility by the departure time of the container ship. Mr. Richards' most customers are single men and common rooms are with bedroom and living room with bathroom.

Amusements such as dancers, magicians and performers' shows like luxury liners are not prepared, but many boats have facilities such as pool · sauna · gym · table tennis · DVD player and lounge with TV, typical The cost is only 120 dollars a day (about 14,800 yen). For two people like Mr. Rieffel, it is possible to stay in a suite room with a little more space and a fridge.

According to Mr. Richards, according to Mr. Richards, "There are 4 to 12 guests aboard a single voyage, which is about 4 to 12 guests, but according to Mr. Richards," By having a civilian board a cargo ship, a crew member We believe that we can keep good human relationships and we are also welcoming the guests on the parties side. "

Judd Spittler 's blog on a container ship travel journal "Freighter BumAccording to him, he went to a karaoke or pub with a crew member at a moored port, and he sometimes partnered by sailing the crew on a ship with rum. While sailing, Spittler says spending time on deck walking, reading, photography, crew work visits, and so on, while saying that the life of a container ship is "boring", "irreplaceable experience" I am talking.

Freighter Bum - Admiral Judd's Adventure on the High Seas

Mr. Rieffel who couple with a couple said "Twenty-Eight Days on the High Seas: A Freighter Travel Log"I have published a book that says that while playing in Sudoku, while sailing, we also invited other passengers in the suite room to make a small party.

In addition, since meals are provided according to the country of origin of the crew, breakfast when there are many Ukrainians is sliced ​​cheese · hard-baked bread · butter · marmalade · egg · bacon · juice · coffee etc. It is dinner written that it was a combination of salad, soup, gravy sauce of beef, potato, green beans, squid, cheese, bread, butter, wine cake, coffee. Alcohol and sweets etc. can be purchased at a duty-free shop in a moored port.

Mr. Rieffel was watching a movie of a container ship stormed by the storm before departure, but said, "All the bags that were in the bathroom rolled all over and entered the sink in the kitchen" , It is also a fact that it becomes a fierce journey sometimes. However, Rieffel says, "If I told you that someone will give me a ticket for my favorite ship trip, I will receive a container ticket without hesitation."

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