Everything to make electric chair or prisoner's riot for death row prisoner Anything I tried playing the ant prison management game "Prison Architect" thoroughly

With the advent of Kickstarters and Indiegogo of cloud funding, it is true that independent game developers have become easier to fund and promote than before, but funds did not reach their goals or gathered funds Even though it can not be developed, it is also true that the completed game is different from the one expected by the investor, and various problems are revealed. game"Prison Architect"This is a work that has raised the awareness of 19 million dollars (about 2.34 billion yen) by using the early access of Steam instead of cloud funding to effectively increase user's feedback while using feedback from users. The content of the game is also a strange thing called a strategy game that manages the prison, and I tried to play because I was concerned about what kind of game it is.

Steam: Prison Architect

◆ Download from Steam
Prison Architect is available for download from PC game download sales platform "Steam". Start the Steam client software installed on the PC, open the product page of Prison Architect and click "Add to Cart". The price is 2980 yen including tax.

Click "Buy for yourself".

Since we pay with registered credit card this time, enter "security code", check the box of agreement of terms of agreement and click "purchase".

Purchase is now complete. Click "Install Game".

Uncheck "Create shortcut on start menu" and click "Next".

Click "Finish".

Select "Prison Architect" from "Library" and click "Play".

Select "Play Prison Architect" and click "Play" to start the game.

◆ Gameplay
Since the language is set to English at the beginning of the game, click "Options" to change the language.

Click "Language".

Select "Japanese Translation MOD_fixed" and click "Select".

The language has been changed to Japanese by this. Prison Architect mainly has a "campaign" in story mode and "make a new prison" in free mode, but this time it is the first time and select "campaign" for the first time.

In campaign mode, the game will start with the prison already in possession. As the phone call comes in from the CEO at the same time as the game starts, click "Continue clicking".

According to the CEO, one prisoner who was sentenced to death for two murder charges is housed.

It is the first mission to build "solitary confinement" and "execution room" to accommodate those death row prisoners.

When building facilities with Prison Architect, it is necessary to start with foundation construction first. Click "foundation work" at the bottom left of the toolbar, select "basic (brick)", and click and drag in the square dotted line from the upper left to determine the area of ​​the foundation.

When you release the hold, the foundation work starts. A worker came with Walla Walla and started construction.

Foundation work is completed in a few minutes. In the building, you need a door, so pick a "big furniture" from the "fixtures" on the toolbar and set it on the wall of the red frame.

Now that the door is set up, this time we set up a wall separating the cell and the execution room. Select "brick wall" from the building material of the tool bar and install it in the dotted line.

Next to the wall, we set up a grill serving as an entrance to the room.

I will make one iron grid one by one. The direction of the grating can be changed by "R".

It will take more to complete the building. You need to specify what to use for the two rooms you made.

Click "Room" in the toolbar, drag & drop "Cell" to "Cell", "Execution Room" to "Designate Execution Room".

The designation of the room is over with this, but there are no fixtures yet in the room yet. We will install "bed" and "toilet" from "fixtures" on the tool bar to solitary cells and "electric chair" to the execution room.

In addition, for workers who work slowly and can not wait, it is recommended to select "2x speed" or "3x speed" from the bottom of the clock displayed in the upper right of the screen. People who like to play chillly may not want to change speed.

When we finish setting up the furniture, we will receive a call from the CEO again.

Electricity is necessary to use electric chair in executive room.

Electric wiring can be confirmed from "Utility". In other words, connect the green electrical wiring to the execution room.

I decided to pull the electrical wiring from the above building to the execution room. Select "Power transmission cable" from the utility screen and arrange it vertically.

Connected to the electric chair as it is going through the wall. Although I noticed it later, since the power transmission cable can be installed across the wall, it was not necessary to bother to detour the wall.

This completes the execution room. As the CEO says, I will test once.

When the CEO took the test, breakers at the power plant fell down due to the use of a large amount of electricity, and the entire facility was out of power.

So this time the generator restoration work. This time there are three tasks of "restoring the generator", "installing three capacitors" and "testing the electric chair again".

Even if multiple work occurs, it is written what to do with memorandum in the upper left of the screen, so it is okay to forget what to do next.

According to memorandum, first from the restoration of the generator. Click on "capacitors" on the right side of the generator one by one to turn on the power.

Click "Generator" and click "■ Switch: On" from the menu displayed on the right side. The generator is now recovered.

Next, three "capacitors" are installed on the left side of the generator.

Finally click on the electric chair and select "■ switch: ON" to test whether it works properly without dropping the circuit breaker.

The test is successful and the CEO is happy.

Edward Romsey this bearded man will be executed this time.

Click the Polaroid to transport the prisoner.

Edward killed two men and women from a certain circumstance.

It is said to the security captain "Electric chair is natural", but ...

The pastor does not want the death penalty.

Edward death row prisoner being transferred with Tech Tec.

When I thought that "I do not feel like doing anything else", CEO comforted me, "There is no need to care about what will happen from now."

And Edward is executed and the first chapter is over. I started the game without feeling anything, but I got to think about it in unexpected places.

The campaign entered the second chapter as it is. In the second chapter the kitchen and dining hall in the prison will be a fire.

It is also the job of the player to call a fire engine and make it fire. Click "FireEngine" twice from "Emergency call" on the tool bar. It is possible to call one fire engine with one click.

When a fire engine comes, a fireman appears on the right side of the screen. Select the firefighter by left clicking and right click at the place where you want firefighting activity.

When eight firefighters were placed in the same way, it extinguished it.

One of the victims of the fire is Don Palermo which is the mafia don. It is necessary to treat it immediately at the clinic.

Although it was thought that a fire occurred in the accident, apparently it seems like the work of subordinates of Don Palermo and suspenseous development starts.

Restoring the kitchen and dining room that burned while paying attention to the trend of Palermo's taste ... ...

As the suspicion of arson was strengthened, the emergency deployment of security guards, etc., the feeling that the things that can be done from Chapter 2 increased at a stretch.

Also, it is necessary to manage the prisoners while doing jail recovery work and investigation of the criminal, and you can check the prisoner's request by clicking "Report" in the lower right. The red gauge of the report is a frustration of the prisoners and there is a need to improve meals and entertainment. It seems that there may be a big riot if prisoner's demands are accumulated.

You can also check the details of the prisoner by clicking on the prisoner who is javelinating the prison.

It is quite anxious that it is described as "emotional instability" in bad reputation.

What is recorded in detail to life rhythm and attitude seems to be a real prison.

There are three menus of "unannounced inspection", "all rooms closed" and "all detention" at the lower right of the screen, and this time there were no opportunities to use, but it seems to be useful when a great riot occurs .

Although I played only the campaign mode of "Prison Architect" this time, free mode which freely makes and manages a prison is attractive, too. Although it is simple at first, it will be able to do as much as time passes without knowing, as the number of things that can be done while playing the game increases rapidly.

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