When a patient under surgery exchanges a message with a smartphone, the amount of analgesic can be reduced

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Smart phones now have a variety of functions such as cameras and music players, as well as roles as phones. As a result of studying how to utilize the smartphone, it has been found that the feeling calms down when using a smartphone during surgical operation, it exerts its effect as an analgesic.

Texting reduces need for pain medication during surgery - The Boston Globe

Jamie Guillory, researcher at RTI International of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Research Institute said, "Since it is important to remove patient anxiety at the lowest cost possible during surgery, this time that smartphones produce a sedation effect Discovery is very practical, "he says. In the past, there have been research results that the patient's mind is interrupted and the dose of analgesic is less than usual due to entertainment such as listening to music during treatment, playing with a video game, watching a movie I will. Guillory speculated that "It would be more effective to have reciprocal communication with others than entertainment with high passivity such as music and movies," he said.

In the experiment, 98 patients undergoing surgery were divided into 4 groups, "playing Angry Bird with smartphone", "interacting with family members via e-mail," "interacting with other strangers", "nothing I do not do "and I had local anesthesia in the lower body and underwent surgery.

Analysis of the amount that the patient requested "to receive additional anesthesia" during surgery showed that the results of the "Play Angry Bird" group and the "Interact with family members" group were nearly the same Contrary to the expectation of the research team, the group "doing an e-mail with strangers other people" has the smallest amount of anesthesia and only one-sixth of the anesthesia is used compared to the "do nothing" group It is said that.

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The research team explained about this result, "Conversation to know about others includes a lot of positive emotional expression and self-positive remarks, while on conversation with family, topics of surgery are central Negative conversation such as easy and worrying about the body occupies a high proportion, so it is analyzed that talking with other people is distracting during surgery. " Guillory expects that exchanging messages using smartphones will be useful when patients need to be treated for treatment, such as when radiographs and CT are taken, so that introduction of intraoperative smartphones towards healthcare professionals I am recommending it.

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