"Aged meat" that is comparable to a professional can be easily made in a refrigerator at home "The Steak Ager"

"Aged meat" which was subjected to popular dry aging processing in the United States is becoming increasingly popular in Japan.Japan Aging Beef Promotion AssociationAccording to dry aging, it is conditioned that it takes time to maintain "temperature (around 1 degree)", "humidity (70 to 80%)" and "wind adjustment", and equipment dedicated to drafting is It is required. It meets the conditions of such aging and makes meat into rich and flavorful ripened meat just by putting it in the refrigerator is "The SteakAger"is.


You can understand how to dry aging in the refrigerator at "The Steak Ager" by seeing the following movie.

Because "aged meat" needs to do dry aging to adjust the environment finely, such as temperature, humidity, wind flow, it is difficult to do proper dry aging at home.

But if you were able to produce aged meat at home ......

You will be able to send dreams of juicy and tasty aged meat steaks all you can eat without going to the restaurant.

These two people developed the machine "The SteakAger" to make such a dream come true. "What you need for a delicious steak is neither source nor mayonnaise or pepper, what you need is" time ", the magic of dry aging."

So, in order to do dry aging using The SteakAger actually, I bought it for supermarket.

Black Hair Angus beef 's sirloin lump that I got. It is affordable beef of about 399 pounds (about 453 g), about 3.99 dollars (about 485 yen), that is, about 100 g 100 yen.

The white box in the refrigerator is The SteakAger. First open the lid ......

Put the lump of beef that I bought on the shelf.

After that, close the lid and dry aging for 12 to 70 days, the aged meat is completed. A circulating fan is installed in the cabinet and automatically keeps the condition of the meat in a proper environment for dry aging. Since it requires a separate power supply, American specifications must extend the cord outside the refrigerator. The voltage is 12V.

The SteakAger exterior has LED display that displays the temperature, humidity and aging days in the storage, so you can check the condition of dry aging.

When you look in the dark, you can see that the inside of the cabinet has ultraviolet (UV - C) light for sterilization. Air exhausted from the cabinet passes through the activated carbon filter, so it is said that the odor to the refrigerator is zero.

So, 12 days of dry aging is over. The color of the surface has changed clearly, you can see that it has transformed into a mass of aged meat as seen in the store.

The cross section looks something like this, and you have all you can eat a large amount of aged meat.

In addition, The SteakAger is looking for investment with Kickstarter, and if you invest $ 129 (about 15,000 yen), you can get 1 The SteakAger. The postage to Japan is calculated after investment. The deadline for investment is 23:03 on Thursday, November 12, 2015, and the shipment of products is scheduled around December 2015.

The SteakAger: Dry Age Steaks Right in Your Fridge by Frank Rizzo & Scott Kobryn - Kickstarter

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