Disney premiered the trailer of the live-action version "Alice in Wonderland" sequel

As "the afternoon becomes night and the sky changes to the sea, the tea ceremony will begin again", as Alice wonders again as a sequel to Disney's live action version "Alice in Wonderland" released in 2010 Go to adventure to the country of "Alice Through The Looking Glass(Alice in Mirror Kingdom) "trailer has been released. Main cast continues to the previous workJohnny DeppYaAnn HathawayAnd the directorTim BurtonFromJames BobbinIt has been changed to.

First Look! Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass! - YouTube

Mia · WasikowskaA blue butterfly fluttering in a room where Alice plays.

Tinbuts and butterflies will enter the mirror.

On the other hand, it is Mad Hatter that Johnny Depp imitates the burning field.

Slowly Alice brings her face close to the mirror ... ...

Face into the mirror like entering the water.

And ...

Falling from the door in the air.

Alice looks like she got into the world of darkness.

But even the tea ceremony seems to be open as usual.

Anne Hathaway for the Queen of Snow.

While being sent off by the snow queen, Alice went into a huge watch.

An act that causes problems each time a new movie is releasedSasha Baron CohenIt is a meaningful "time" role.

The appearance of Alice 's content is "I will go on an adventure to help Mad Hatter from time to time".

As for the red queen, as well as the first workHelena Bonham-CarterIt plays.

Familiar characters such as Chisha cat and white rabbit will also appear.

Alice in the wonderland's first director was Tim Burton, but Alice Through the Looking Glass isThe MappizJames Bobbin is the director, and Tim Burton is involved in the production as a producer. Publication of the movie in the US is scheduled for May 27, 2016, and the release date in Japan is undecided at the time of writing the article. The image image of the movie is as follows.

The atmosphere of "Alice in Wonderland" published 5 years ago can be seen from the following article.

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