How to change the nice heart of Twitter to "sushi" icon

On behalf of Twitter's favorite function (Fu bow)Heart mark 's goodHas been implemented, it is becoming a stir among twitter users who have become familiar with star icons so far. Meanwhile, a ridiculous service of changing hearts to "sushi" is emerging under the idea that "Japan is not a heart, but sushi is the supreme".

Mzyy94 / like2sushi · GitHub

Service "like2sushi" that turns Twitter's heart into a sushi icon is distributed free on GitHub. To download, click "Download ZIP" at the bottom right of the page.

Click "OK".

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.

Then start up Chrome, open the extension settings (chrome: // extensions /) and turn on "Developer mode".

Click "Load unpackaged extensions".

Select the folder you decompressed earlier and click "OK".

Click "Reload" to complete installation.

When I opened Twitter, the heart icon representing "Like" changed to a sushi icon.

When you mouse over the sushi icon, the icon becomes color and "sushi" is displayed in the popup.

When you click on sushi, the icon shakes like the following and you can press "sushi" instead of "nice".

Mr. mzyy94 who is the creator of "like2sushi" also publishes the development history of like2sushi.

Since I can not accept specification change of Twitter: change heart: to: sushi: to calm the spirit - Qiita

According to Ms. Mzyy94 who had a attachment to the star icon, suddenly abolished the star icon, "If you become a heart you can make it sushi", extended function of the sushi icon using the CSS user style sheet It is said that it developed.

In order to express the state that "sushi" is not pushed, we introduce a gray scale sushi icon and will improve the practicality of "sushi" in just about an hour from the implementation of the heart icon.

As Twitter's official feature, mzyy94 tried to produce an animation of sushi icon, because the animation which moves with heart icon is implemented by pushing "Like", but "Twitter people will be Or, it was still drowsy despite being at noon at noon, I abandoned the animation production and it was sucked into my hometown. " Then, while mzyy94 was sleeping, a collaborator who created moving sushi animation appeared.

Mzyy94 imported the provided animation image, created a CSS file to replace animation and Tooltip letters by the user style sheet, it seems that "like2sushi" is completed.

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