"Biopod" which can reproduce the tropical rain forest from herb garden at home by automatically adjusting temperature, light intensity, humidity etc

It is not easy to reproduce the complex and rich nature of the earth with human hand alone. However, such nature is also a micro habitat reproduction device that is seeking investment by Kickstarter at the cloud funding siteBiopodIf you use the smartphone application to prepare the necessary materials by setting, you will be able to automatically reproduce the necessary environment at home automatically.

Biopod - World's First Smart Microhabitat by Jared Wolfe - Kickstarter

You can see what kind of product Biopod is, by seeing the following movies and so on.

The natural world where various creatures live is made up of the balance of complicated intertwined elements. "Biopod" aims to reproduce the situation in the case that placed the situation at home.

Biopod is a glass container with high transparency, equipped with units to control temperature, light intensity and humidity, which can also be called an ecosystem reproduction system which can also give food to living organisms as needed.

Using a smartphone application, the point is to work in conjunction with the cloud. First of all, simply select the environment you want to reproduce from "Pets", "Decor" and "Garden", then select the more detailed options, make necessary settings for the application, I will tell you.

If you prepare accordingly, you can grow herbs in Biopod ......

It will be able to raise pets difficult to keep.

It is also possible to grow foliage plants and use it as part of the interior.

Biopod has a built-in sensor, and it is possible to share information by sending the acquired data to the cloud. This will enable you to share know-how and wisdom of other users.

In addition, it is possible to check the internal state from anywhere using the application.

Biopod has a function to automatically adjust the oxygen concentration in the cabinet.

In addition, a system that reproduces sunshine using LED lighting and a device that reproduces rain automatically are also installed.

The main system of Biopod consists of the following devices. LED lighting including ultraviolet rays, Wi-Fi connection application, HD camera, mist device, filter for managing water in the cabinet, various sensors, and air circulation visual system with self-purification function.

When you start using Biopod, you set up the environment to reproduce using the application. First, select three categories "Plants (or Gardenn)", "Pets" and "Decor", and select items further subdivided among them. That way, Biopod reproduces the necessary environment in the cabinet.

Work done by the user, first of all, put soil and fertilizer, prepare soil, plant seeds of plants and plant only the plant itself. After that, if you set the environment with the application, Biopod will prepare the necessary environment.

Biopod is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. Four types of Biopod have been lineuped, the "compact body" with the "Biopod ONE"Is perfect for growing plants on benchtops and breeding creatures. The main body size is 47.6 cm in width × 46.9 cm in height × 35.6 cm in depth, the content of the warehouse is 53.8 liters.

It got bigger than usualBiopod TERRA"Perfect for the environment such as office. The main body size is 62.9 cm wide × 46.9 cm high × 39.4 cm deep, the content of the warehouse is 79.5 liters.

It became even biggerBiopod AQUA"It is a model suitable for perfectly reproducing the ecosystem. It is said that a cycle in which ecosystems are formed can be reproduced by circulating water in the cabinet and making fish repeating the biological cycle become "nutrition" of plants. The main body size is 62.9 cm wide × 64.8 cm high × 39.4 cm deep, the content of the warehouse is 119 liters. It is possible to save water to a depth of about 13 cm in the cabinet.

"Biopod GRAND"Is the largest model in the lineup, the size is a volume of 124.5 cm wide × 71.1 cm high × 38.1 cm deep. The cabinet capacity is 336.9 liters, and you can save water to a depth of 15.2 cm.

The amount of each investment is as follows, Biopod ONE is 279 Canadian dollar (about 26,000 yen), Biopod TERRA is 329 Canadian dollar (about 30,000 yen), Biopod AQUA 399 Canadian dollar (about 37,000 yen) It is getting.

Biopod GRAND is 876 Canadian dollars (about 81,000 yen). This model was a model that was set with a stretch goal where the investment amount reached a certain level.

For shipping to Japan, a shipping fee of about CAD $ 120 (about 7400 yen) to 120 Canadian dollars (about 11,000 yen) is required separately according to the type of Biopod you select. Also, with Kickstarter's plan, things with plants are set, but due to the convenience of trade, please be aware that there are plans that can not be shipped to Japan, so be careful.

Biopod had a targeted contribution of 30,000 Canadian dollars (about 2.77 million yen), but at the time of article creation, about 384 thousand dollars (about 35.4 million yen) funds were gathered which is significantly higher than this I will. The deadline of investment is Japan time on November 4, 2015 (Wednesday) 7: 54 am, shipping time is scheduled around December 2015.

Biopod - World's First Smart Microhabitat by Jared Wolfe - Kickstarter

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