"The Wub Machine" which can remix every song to dance music and download it

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Musical methods that combine existing music to create completely different songs are called "remixes" and are performed for the purpose of remixing to a tempo dance music where DJs can dance popular songs and others, which are mainly used. Remixes require special equipment and music sense, but remix music files on hand and SoundCloud songs as "Dubstep", "Electro House", "Drum n Bass" in the wind, until downloading A website that can be "The Wub Machine"is.

The Wub Machine

The top page of The Wub Machine looks like this. "Upload a song" uploading by referring to MP3 files stored on the PC, "upload a song" uploading music files by dragging and dropping MP3 files etc. "drop a song here", searching for songs from SoundCloud and reading " Search SoundCloud "are lined up.

This time I will search for songs from SoundCloud and remix, so click "search SoundCloud".

In the input field, enter the title and keyword of the song to be remixed, the link of SoundCloud and click "search SoundCloud".

I will remix it using the following rock-tasted songs found at SoundCloud.

So when you find a song you want to remix, click "Remix!" Next to the song title.

Then the genre that can be remixed is displayed. The one with the key mark is a pay feature that can be purchased with iOS · Android application, it seems that it can not be used from the desktop. "Dubstep" "Electro House" "Drum & amp; Bass" are available free from the desktop.

Clicking "Dubstep" ... ...

The songs are remixed in about 10 seconds and are displayed as follows. If you press play button, you can listen to what kind of song it was finished and check it.

In fact, you can listen to "Dubstep Remix", "Electro House Remix", "Drum & amp; Bass Remix" songs created by The Wub Machine from below.

Dubstep Remix of "The Wub Machine" looks something like this - YouTube

Electro House Remix of "The Wub Machine" looks something like this - YouTube

Drum & amp; Bass Remix of "The Wub Machine" looks something like this - YouTube

Also, if you find songs you like by trying to play it, you can save it as an MP3 file by clicking "Download ...".

There are also other remix choices such as "Kick Drum" "Cowbell" "Half Time" "Jingle Bell" so that you can enjoy the same song many times with various songs and tempos.

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