Tokyo Motor Show booth of "KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN" in which the sports car and the tractor of the most advanced design are distinctive

Open to the public from October 30 (Fri) 2015Tokyo Motor Show 2015At the KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN booth at the end, the two-seat coupe type sports car finally started marketing "Kode 9(Code 9) ", the Yanmar's latest design large tractor designed by the companyYT 5113Mass production models such as "The Massive Production" were exhibited.


TMS44_KOD1028 Press Release

Arrived at the booth of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN.

The first thing that jumped into the eyes was a coupe type sports car wearing a bright light blue "Kode 9".

It is a car that is distinctive in design with unique personality such as fender and rear tail fin which are classy form but greatly raised. Concept models were exhibited at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, but this time we are exhibiting a revolutionary commercial version in the world premiere.

Two cockpit parts made for enjoying sports driving. At the seat, steering, door trim, vivid red leather with stitching is soldered and gorgeous atmosphere. The carpet is also vivid red.

The engine that is laid horizontally behind the driver is a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine with a supercharger. However, this is the specification of the exhibit vehicle, and the actual Kode 9 can select the engine according to the customer's preference when ordering the vehicle. He said that he is realizing driving that can be said to be the origin of a sports car, different from heavyweight super sports of recent years, which runs a lightweight body with a weight of just 810 kg.

Wheels also wore KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN original ones.

Next to Kode 9, it becomes a two-seat light weight · spider model which becomes a brother model car "Kode 9 Spyder"The prototype of the exhibition. It is designed to be "a gulf color" of light blue and orange, but there are not so many cars that this coloring suits so much.

The rear of the driver is equipped with two roll bars and the engine hood is flat. Compared with Kode 9 which makes you feel even gorgeous, Kode 9 Spyder is a big feature that it is designed to make you feel lightweight. The duck tail which the body tipped up at the rear end of the body is also unique to a classical sports car.

The interior, like Kode 9, was tailored to two tones of vivid red and black.

Ken Okuyama, a designer leading KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, is responsible for designing Ferrari oncePininfarinaHe is a design director, and a person who has worked as a designer in European and American automobile manufacturers. In 2006 he independently established KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN and he was involved in the design of railroad cars and aircraft as well as proprietary sports cars. Typically, the Hokuriku ShinkansenE7 and W7 trainsI am also involved in the supervision of design.

Yanmar's high-end tractor that makes squalid of deep power effective, which was sitting so as to make the blindness effective after these sports carsYT 5113". Even the premium feeling drifts from the body wearing deep metallic red that is far from the tractor's image.

The car body with a huge tire of 1.5 meters would be powerful anyhow from anywhere. This is never a concept model,Vehicles that are actually on the marketSo I can not hide surprises.

Although only the front bumper is a show model for the model under display, the remaining part is that the commercial car is as it is. "Why does KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN tractor!?" Although it is said that the question can often be asked, in fact Mr. Okuyama is worried as design director at Yanmar. That is why such a unique tractor is born.

For farmers manipulating tractors, tractors are exactly what they can call "buddies". By saying that you are going out for over 10 years, there is a need for high quality just to pour deep love there. In order to become a better buddy, Yanmar seems to focus on the design side under the supervision of Mr. Okuyama.

On Yanmar's site, there is also a special page to introduce the charm of YT5113.

VISUAL BOOK | YT 490 · YT 5101 · YT 5113 | Tillage · Management - Tractor | Agriculture | Yanmar

I tried actually sitting in the driver 's seat. Rather than "sit", the car body is required to work "climb" first.

Steps are also heavy duty specifications.

The room was comfortable enough to say unexpectedly. The seat incorporates an air suspension and pursues ride comfort.

When sitting on the seat a big handle and an engine tachometer in front of you. Yanmar's mark placed in the center of the handle is proud. As you can see the other side of the glass, the view from the seat is the highest because the height of the viewpoint is over 2 meters.

On the right hand side of the seat are gathered such as levers that control equipment to be equipped on the body and color monitors that display various information.

Shift related controls and drink holders etc. on the left side of the seat. The transmission seems to be automatic control.

As you can see from the view of the wiper, a red engine hood penetrates the windscreen from the front of the car body and a continuous design is incorporated into the car.

Even comfortable equipment does not break. On the head of the driver is the control of air conditioners ......

Audio equipment etc. It seems that importance of coziness as "office" which works for a long time is emphasized.

YT 5113 is a high-end tractor equipped with a high-power engine of 100 horsepower, and its price is about 10 million yen class. The interest of Yanmar who brought a new concept of design to the world of agricultural machinery that was not easily adopted as a concept of "design" will be fruit or not interested. In addition, it is said that many vehicles are already actually being sold.

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