"Altwork Station" that responds to all kinds of postures such as sitting, standing, backing, etc. and revolutionizes desk work

"Sitting for 6 hours a day increases the risk of death by 40%"Or"Sitting for a long time will shorten the life as much as smoking"While there are research results that"Sitting for a long time has nothing to do with the risk of deathThere is also research result that sitting for a long time has been discussed for a long time, but workstations that will blow such discussions "Altwork Station"Has appeared. Altwork Station, which responds to various postures such as sitting, standing, and backing, has the potential to replace the work desk and chair.

Altwork Station

Sit? Stand? Nifty new workstation lets you lie down on the job | Ars Technica

You can tell what kind of product Altwork Station is by looking at the following movie.

Altwork Station - YouTube

With technological evolution rapidly from trains and cars to televisions, every aspect of life has become efficient and convenient.

However, there have been few evolutions since the past, one of which is desk work in the workplace.

With a typewriter and ...

The posture of people using Macbook Air is almost the same.

Altwork Station was developed to overcome such a situation.

The Altwork Station is in addition to traditional sitting work ......

It is possible to handle standing work by operating a large arm.

It will also be like a reclining chair by manipulating the backrest and footrest.

You can move a display freely and have a small meeting.

You can freely adjust the height of the workbench where keyboard and mouse etc can be placed.

If you tilt the arm toward you, you will be in a posture that almost sleeps, and you can see from the image that the woman is working without losing your eyes and without burdening the neck.

The foot placement part can also be adjusted.

It is the controller installed in the main body that adjusts the height and angle of the backrest and workbench.

Move the display with the lever mounted on the arm.

If you feel tired during standing work ......

It's okay if you sit down in the sweep.

That is exactly a dreamy workstation.

Ars Technica of IT related media has experienced the prototype of Altwork Station and released a movie at once.

Ars demos the Altwork Station - YouTube

This is the prototype of Altwork Station.

Sitting work as before.

The controller mounted on the workbench has buttons for adjusting the reclining stand, footrest and so on. Also, it is possible to record the posture once set in Altwork Station.

Operating the controller ... ...

The backrest tilts to the state of the back. It is strange that the keyboard and mouse pads on the workbench do not fall.

Actually, the workbench is equipped with magnets, and it has become a mechanism not to drop by attaching magnets to the keyboard. There seems to be still room for improvement around here.

According to Ars Technica, the backrest is very comfortable.

Operating the controller ... ...

The platform moves so that it slides ... ...

Change to a standing desk. Although it is very convenient to deform to the standing desk just by pushing the button, it seems that it takes a little time to get used to usage. Ars Technica says "Altwork Station is suitable not only for desk work but also for long time playing games on PC".

In addition, Altwork Station is accepting reservations at the time of article creation, and the shipment will begin in mid 2016. We usually sell Altwork Station of $ 5,900 (about 710,000 yen) to the reserver for 3,900 dollars (about 470,000 yen).

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