Nexus 5X yellow screen problems are reported from here and there

From the Nexus 5X user in the United States, it is clarified on the posting of the overseas bulletin board "reddit" that the "display is yellow" voice is rising. In response to inquiries from users, Google seems to be doing a variety of actions, saying "it is a specification of a new display" or sending an exchange unit.

Nexus 5X Yellow Screen: Nexus

Some Nexus 5X units may have an overly-yellow hue - SlashGear

The display posted to reddit is yellow The picture of Nexus 5X is as follows.

First, from a picture comparing Nexus 5X and Nexus 5. You can see that the Nexus 5X display on the left side is slightly more yellowish.

Pictures of Nexus 5X and Nexus 5 posted by another user. The user reported to the Google that "the display is yellow", it seems that the exchange unit was sent because "It may be damaged on arrival", but even if you use the replacement unit, the display is slightly It is close to yellow.

This is a picture with Xperia Z3 on the right side of Nexus 5X. Both brightness is set to maximum.

Nexus 5X on the left side, Motorola on the right sideDROID TurboYou can see that the display of Nexus 5X is close to yellow even if you look at the picture that placed.

It is like this when comparing Nexus 5X and Nexus 4.

The following pictures are Nexus 5X with replacement unit on the left side and original Nexus 5X on the right side. The user who uploaded the photo commented that "Nexus 5X on the right seemed to be too yellow in the display, but it seems normal compared to Nexus 5X using the replacement unit."

Nexus 5X is reflected in the following photos. You can see that there are considerable differences in the same model. Nexus 5X has three colors of carbon, quartz, and ice, but there were voices saying that the color of quartz display is closer to blue than that of carbon.

It is such a feeling that it is a pure white screen.

In addition, low price smartphoneOnePlus OneEven when it was released, the problem of "the color of the lower part of the display is yellow" had occurred. In the case of OnePlus One, it was said that the color of the display would be fixed according to the time, but a solution to "When I want to correct color immediately" has been uploaded to YouTube.

OnePlus One How to fix yellow display issue - YouTube

When it says "I want to fix the color of the display of OnePlus One immediately", it is a dashboard of a car heated by fawker.

I put a OnePlus One here and wait for a while, it was said that the yellowness of the display will be resolved.

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