Space debris floating in the space turned out to have entered the earth crash course


Space garbage such as artificial satellite and space shuttle fragments which became unusable around the earth "Space debrisThere are various sizes of large and small, but when including even smaller ones less than 10 cm, the number is about 500,000 or more. It became clear that one of the mass debris debris entered the earth's orbit and entered the earth crash course.

ESA - European Space Agency

Incoming space junk a scientific opportunity: Nature News & amp; Comment

The collision course of the Earth entered the course of the satellite called WT 1190 F. It was confirmed that the Catalina Sky Survey entered the inside of the earth's orbit. The size of WT 1190 F is predicted to be 2 m in diameter at maximum, and it is said that it is not huge. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), it is around 15:20 on November 13, 2015 of Japan time that WT 1190 F enters the Earth's atmosphere.

WT 1190F is not a big space debris so far, so it may burn out in the atmosphere, but if it does not burn it is supposed to fall to the point about 100 km from the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Although it is predicted that no major disasters will occur in the event of a collision with the Earth, Bill Gray, who conducts a survey of space debris at NASA, says "I will not fish near the predicted falling point" There seems to be no mistake what you need attention to.

WT 1190 F shines dazzlingly when entering the atmosphere and it is worth seeing from the academic point of view. Dr. Jonathan McDowel of the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center has described the incident as "the history of the lost universe has returned to us," and it is possible that the WT 1190 F is space debris generated during the Apollo program I also point out sex.

Regarding space debris, the RIKEN is scheduled for April 2015Technology to destroy with high intensity laserIt seems that countermeasures are proceeding at each institution such as announcing.

In addition to space debris, on October 31, 2015, an asteroid "2015 TB 145" as large as a soccer field got on at a speed of 126,000 kilometers per hourApproaching the earthThen it is predicted. However, 2015 TB 145 is out of the collision course to the Earth, and it is expected to pass through a place that is about 500,000 km away from the Earth's surface.

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