I tried to eat the hot spicy Mayo Bee entering into a potato sauce "Ippei chan night shop's fried soba canon Mayo"

In addition to the sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitter taste and umami called "Gomi", plus pungent and numbness Born in Sichuan Province, ChinaMysterious source"Combined with Yakisoba"Mayou Ippei chan night shop fried buckwheat Mayo Mayo"Has appeared on October 26 (Monday). In a bottleMysterious sourceHe boasted outstanding compatibility with fried chicken and vegetables, but I tried to eat it as soon as possible to check the compatibility of the fried noodles with a monster sauce.

"Akeboshi Ippei-chan's Night Shop's Yakisoba Kaori Mayo" (released on 26th October) | Nissin Food Group

This is "Ippei chan night shop's fried soba Mayo". The package is based on purple color and it has a dubious atmosphere.

Just like Regular 'Ippei-chan Night Shop Yakisoba', mayonnaise can be evenly distributed throughout the burnt sobaMayo BeamIs it attached though ......

It is not ordinary mayonnaise, but a point that "custom made potato Mayo" containing sauce source is used.

There is no indication of a source of harshness in raw materials, only "Semisolid dressing" is written.

The calorie is 548 kcal per 121 g per meal.

Open the lid halfway, take out the sauce, special Maya, sprinkle sachet from inside.

Pour hot water to the inner line of the container and wait for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, when you drain the hot water, first add the sauce and mix well with chopsticks. Source is also mixed with monstrosity sauce, and when you cut off the bag, you will find the Chinese seasoningAzenaThe scent of Chinese dashi like that has drifted.

Then I topped with Mayo Beam and sprinkle.

Yakisoba with a source color thinner than ordinary Yakisoba is completed.

Since mayonnaise contains a source of monstrosity, it looks a bit orange.

Sprinkle with red chilli, sesame seeds, black pepper, etc., it seems like seven delicious peppers at first glance.

First of all, when you eat only noodles, the source often intertwines with narrow noodles and you can feel the Chinese-style umami with the pig palm effect. As we continue to eat, the spicy of chili and hot pepper gets caught in my mouth, and my mouth is numb and my mouth is numb, but I can enjoy the complicated flavors mixed with sweetness and sourness even in spicy.

Parts sprinkled are more intense with bitterness and numbness, especially the flavor of pepper is strongly felt. When I was able to eat all of the cups by themselves, the mouth and the tongue had been irritated and they had been numb and prickly for a while after eating, so if the people not good at eating spicy foods should reduce the amount of sprinkle and eat it I do not.

It was an impression that the habitual sauce received a reputation that it is compatible with vegetables or that cabbage of early cabbage was contained more than usual baked soba.

The price of 'Mayou Ippeichan's night shop's fried noodle mayon' price is 194 yen including tax.

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