A movie & benchmark result appears that shows what kind of terminal "Surface Book & Surface Pro 4" decided on sale in Japan

Microsoft's first notebook PC announced on October 6, 2015 "Surface Book"And the tablet PC"Surface Pro 4We have decided to sell in Japan. Although the sale date in Japan is undecided, in the United States, as soon as it starts selling on October 26, it is open to the public about the results of reviews and benchmark tests by various media.

Microsoft Surface Book review | The Verge

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◆ Surface Pro 4
This is a tablet PC "Surface Pro 4" actual machine movie.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review - YouTube

Surface Pro 3 on the left is the new Surface Pro 4, and right is on the Surface Pro 3.

The back of Surface Pro 4 looks something like this, there is Microsoft's logo on the kickstand part.

In Surface Pro 3 this logo was not available.

The kickstand can change the angle steplessly like Surface Pro 3.

The logo on the kickstand part changed from the one of the surface to Microsoft.

The display is 12.3 inches and the resolution is 2736 × 1824. From the front model Surface Pro 3 the display size is 0.3 inches up and the resolution has also evolved from 2160 × 1440 to 2736 × 1824. The OS installed is Windows 10 Pro as well as Surface Book.

Happy typing characters.

If you look closely, the type cover is built in the backlight.

The distance between the keys of the type cover has become wider.

Even if it is pushed strongly by hand, the type cover does not bother.

And the trackpad on the type cover is large, evolving to a smoother and more comfortable feeling.

Looking from the side, the cover and the main body are very thin with such feeling. The main body size is 292 mm in width × 201.42 mm in length × 8.45 mm in thickness, the weight is 786 g.

Surface Pro 4 also comes with a new Surface Pen.

Although it seems possible to start Cortana from the switch of the head part, the reaction is not good.

The feeling of use of Surface Pen is very good compared with that of the previous model, it seems that it is becoming more comfortable to write like a real pen more natural.

The stepless adjustment of the kickstand is superb.

Surface Pro 4 is the most inexpensive model (Core M 3/4 GB / 128 GB) and is $ 899 (about 110,000 yen).

The price will be $ 1299 (about 160,000 yen) when it comes with SSD with 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage with Core i 5 installed.

Type cover is $ 129 (approx. 15,000 yen)

◆ Surface Book
The actual machine movies that understand what kind of "Surface Book" is the terminal is as follows.

Microsoft Surface Book review - YouTube

This is Surface Book.

The screen size is 13.5 inches and the resolution is 3000 × 2000. The aspect ratio of the display is 3: 2.

Since the pixel density is 267 ppi, the display is high definition.

The keyboard part of the removable base. On this keyboardDisk Read GPUThere is also a loading model. The The Verge reporter actually tried using Surface Book for a few days, although it was hard to use the keyboard and trackpad of the Surface series so far, the track pad of the Surface Book is large and the key spacing is good It is said.

The casing parts of the Surface Book are made of magnesium, soft touch is soft. Moreover, it seems that it does not feel comfortable to touch like a aluminum MacBook.

Although it seems that the keyboard is a bit too hard at the beginning of use, it is said to be familiar with the inside while using it for several hours. Also, "The interval between the keys is very ideal and I want the other manufacturers to learn," The Verge.

The hinge part which stands outstanding in the design of Surface Book.

You can see how the hinge part moves by looking at the following GIF image.

On the left side are two full-size USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader. There is a mini DisplayPort on the opposite side.

Push the key in the upper right corner of the keyboard ......

When a green display appears at the lower right of the screen ......

The display can be removed.

It is OK even if you use it as a 13.5 inch tablet after removing it.

It is this key to press to remove.

Weighing 3.34 pounds (including about 1.5 kg) including the keyboard (not equipped with disk lead GPU) and the main body. 728 g if only the main body.

Surface Pen is a proprietary stylus pen that sticks to the left side of the display.

This has also evolved considerably from the conventional ones, and the pressure has increased from 256 level to 1024 level. However, it seems that there are slight lags, so for professionals who draw illustrations etc, this rug will be very disturbing.

However, as far as I saw in the movie, it was a level that I do not know if there are lags or not.

In addition, it is said that it is very good for writing letters.

Windows OS Pro is installed.

Stylus seems to be useful in various scenes.

The rear camera has 8 megapixel auto focus.

The battery lasts 13 hours.

The main body size is very thin, 312 mm wide × 232.1 mm long × 13.0 to 22.8 mm thin.

A little space around the hinge can be created with such feeling when closing with a pattem.

Also by AnandTechSurface BookWhenSurface Pro 4Review has also been published.

◆ Benchmark test
Results of the benchmark test of Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 by Ars Technica are as follows. Surface Pro 3 to be the previous model and Surface 3 of low price version, will be competing productsDell XPS 13, The benchmark results of MacBook Pro (2015 edition) are also written together. Surface Pro 4 can choose models equipped with the 6th generation Core M3, Core i5, Core i7, but only the Core i 5 equipped model was used for the benchmark test.

First of allGeekbench 3Performance test of CPU using. Surface Book is benchmarked with Core i 7 model and Core i 5 model. In the case of multi-core, the score with the highest overall score is Surface Book (i7), followed by MacBook Pro, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book (i5).

Surface Book (i7) has the highest score even in the case of single core, below which MacBook Pro, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book (i5) are ordered.

KrakenThe result of benchmark of JavaScript using is as follows, the smaller the score, the better it is. The browser used for each terminal is different, but Surface Book (i7) when using Edge is the fastest.

Google's JavaScript benchmark software "OctaneThis is the score when using. The higher the score is, the better the score is, so here again Surface Book (i7) maintains the number one seat. When I use Internet Explorer, I am surprised that the score is about half of Edge.

In addition, JavaScript benchmark software "SunSpiderThe score when using. The lower the score, the better performance is shown, and Surface Book (i7) and Surface Pro 4 at the time of Edge use the same percentage. It seems that there will be a difference in score between Surface Book (i7) and Surface Pro 4 when using Internet Explorer.

continue,CINEBENCHGPU benchmark test results using. Surface Pro 4 has the highest score, the result that the model (i7, dGPU) equipped with NVIDIA disk lead GPU on the keyboard part is the third place overall.

There is also a result of CPU test by CINEBENCH. This also shows that the higher the score, the better it is, the best is the Surface Book (i7), followed by MacBook Pro, Surface Pro 4.

3D MarkThe result of the benchmark test using the following is as follows. The higher the score is, the better it is. The score of this benchmark is surpassed by the Surface Book (i 7) equipped with the disk lead GPU. "Fire Strike" is a test for high-end game machines assuming DirectX 11, "Sky Driver" is a benchmark test corresponding to DirectX 11 with a lower load than Fire Strike, "Cloud Gate" is a home PC intended for irectX 10 It is a test targeting notes etc.

And finally the benchmark test at 3DMark's "Ice Storm". This is a minor test that works with DirectX 9 or OpenGL ES 2.0, so the higher the score, the better the performance, but Surface Book (i7) has gotten a bad score.

This is based on the benchmark software "CrystalDiskMark"The score is arranged in a graph.

This is the result of testing how much battery you have in web browsing when using Wi-Fi. For some reason Surface 3 jumps out and it can be used for a long time (over 16 hours). Even if you use the screen of the Surface Book as a tablet it seems you can use it for about 4 hours.

This is the battery duration when WebGL is activated. In this case, Surface Book (i5) was the top.

◆ Sales price
In addition, Surface Pro 4's tax-free reference price in Japan is as follows. The cheapest model (Core M5 / 4 GB of memory / 128 GB of storage) is 12,4800 yen, the most expensive model (Core i 7 / memory 16 GB / storage 512 GB) is 289,800 yen. Please note that the reservation starts on October 23, and the release date is one for November 12, 2015 and the one for December (planned).

The release date of Surface Book in Japan is scheduled for the beginning of 2016.

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