Event remarks such as Apple 's CEO "Tim Cook," the automobile industry is preparing for major change "

Preparing for automobile development in-houseIt turned out to be negotiating with a vast running test siteApple CEO Tim Cook took part in a technology conference sponsored by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), talked about various aspects of car development, privacy issues, Apple's corporate vision, and other attention.

Tim Cook says car industry is ready for 'massive change' | The Verge

Mr. Cook was held from 19th to 21st October 2015WSJ.D LIVEWe talked with Gerald Baker's editor in chief of the WSJ paper about the prospects of the automobile industry in the future.

Mr. Cook said, "What we are working on will be revealed in the future, but we believe that the automobile industry is now at a crossroad where it will undergo major changes, which is simply a matter of evolution It is not a change ", which is considered to be a content suggesting that a different flow will be born from the evolution of the car that has been continuing so far.

Also, Mr. Cook made a remark about "Apple's goal" to make it feel that automobile-related products will come out from the company "to provide the experience gained by iPhone even on automobiles" I did not step on.

In addition, "In future vehicles, software will become increasingly important, autonomous operation will become more important, and many important technologies in automobiles will shift to different technologies From the technology focused on internal combustion engines to technologies that give people a strong impression.The big change will occur in this industry.A big change is emphasized and the new car to come I left a remark indicating the world of the world.

In addition to this, the contents which Mr. Cook told is summarized in the following page.

Live from WSJD with Tim Cook - The Verge

◆ Is Apple thinking to control all elements of people's lives, starting with the iPhone and the cars expected to appear in the future?
Mr. Cook:
Apple wants to offer users a seamless experience in every dimension in their lives. There is no standard to clearly distinguish between "job" and "home life".

◆ What is the sales performance of Apple Watch?
Mr. Cook refused to answer "I do not intend to clarify information that does not need to be disclosed". In response to the hard question "Mr. Baker's" Do not you think that Apple Watch is indispensable to life? "" You should give a chance to try, now the user's satisfaction is increasing " While talking about painfully, I was expecting to see expectations for future prospects.

About Apple Music
About Apple Music whose service has officially started from the end of September Mr. Cook commented that he is "very good" as expected. Based on the situation that 6.5 million paid registered users and 8.5 million free trials, we said that "15 million people are registering for service," he says, "I am very fantastic," and in the preceding Spotify etc. On the other hand, I was talking about the strength of curating (selecting music) with human hands.

About the Apple Store
Mr. Cook:
By the end of next year, Apple will expand more than 40 Apple Store in China. China is a market that accounts for 20% of the total profits of Apple.

About Privacy Issues
Mr. Baker asked about the trade-off between the privacy and software functions that Mr. Cook said "Privacy is very important to us, key value as a company (key value ).With the balance of privacy and user experience It is our vision to realize both, "he says, and reveals his commitment to enhancing the function of products while maintaining privacy. "I can not think of a way to protect the privacy of people without encryption," he says, "Encryption is an essential element in today's world."

Mr. Cook also said that Apple could provide Google-level Internet service even when encrypting information, again emphasizing the attitude of considering privacy. Also, others can invade from "back door" of softwareback door"There is no backdoor that only good people can use, all backdoors are to be abused by bad people," denying the existence of backdoor with respect to Apple products, after being told about it Had stated a negative view on implementing the backdoor at the request of a safety guarantee agency.

In addition, Mr. Cook said, "Steve Jobs who founded Apple made a company with the desire to change the world with technology, Steve hoped to put the technology into products that people can use and give the user the power It is the ability to jump out of rich people with research facilities, companies and technology, still it is the power to move Apple, "he told Apple's vision.

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