Apple's official map application powers up a little

Speaking of Apple, it is a company that is doing all from hardware development such as iPhone / iPad to software development such as iOS and other applications. Map application which is one such genuine Apple app "mapIt's quietly powering up.

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"Map" application is able to teach the route to the destination so that it will not get lost even in a strange town. With Apple's map application, you can use various functions such as voice guidance function to know the route to the destination even while driving a car, and linkage with Siri.

It became available from September 2015IOS 9Now, a new function called "transportation" is added on this map application, enabling retrieval of routes using public transportation such as subway, bus, train and ferry.

In the route search, "car" and "walk" could be used, but newly "transportation" is now available.

By using "transportation system", for example, it is possible to check train transit method like this on the map application.

Of course you can move by various routes.

As "transportation", you can use 4 kinds of buses, subway / light rail, commuter train, ferry.

In addition, depending on the location, "transportation" can not be used like this.

Initially at the release of iOS 9, the "transportation" function was launched in San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC in the USA, Berlin in Germany, London in the UK, Toronto in Canada, Mexico City in Mexico, It corresponded to various cities. This time, Sydney in Australia and Boston in the United States join, and it is possible to search the route using public transport in more cities. At the time of article creation, the map application can use 'transportation' only in 13 countries and regions, but Apple plans to gradually increase the place where 'transportation' can be used from the urban area of ​​the world. In the near future, "transportation" function may be available in urban areas of Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka.

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