"USB Killer" which makes PC unable to start up in a few seconds when inserted in the USB port actually releases movies that destroy PC

A device that looks like a general USB memory and destroys the PC just by inserting it into the USB port of the PC "USB KillerA movie that is terrifying that the PC can not be activated in just a few seconds by actually activating it is released.

USB killer v2.0 / Хабрахабр

USB Killer

Dark Purple creates 'killer USB' to destroy laptops | Daily Mail Online

You can actually see how you use the USB Killer to disable the PC in a short time with the following movie.

USB Killer v2.0 testing. - YouTube

A laptop running a browser.

Insert the USB Killer ......

With the sound "Jijijiji ...... Pon!", The screen blacked out in less than a few seconds.

I will unplug the USB Killer, but there is no change in the display.

Even if you push the power button a little, nothing will react.

I will flip the notebook PC over, but I can not see any abnormality.

When the power cord is connected, the charging lamp glows, but even if the button is pushed, the PC can not be activated.

The structure of USB Killer is as follows, and it can not be distinguished from a general USB memory with the cover on the right side attached.

USB Killer was developed by Mr. Dark Purple who is a Russian living technician. The history of development and the internal structure of the USB memory can be understood by reading the following article, but in short, "It breaks down and destroys the processor of the PC" has become a mechanism. According to Dark Purple, USB Killer v2.0 can destroy TVs, routers, etc. anything other than the PC if the machine has a USB port, the voltage charged by the USB Killer doubles It is said that an update such as being increased to -220 V becomes.

USB killer "USB Killer" that physically destroys PC when inserted in port "GIGAZINE"

In addition, Mr. Dark Purple said "When you bring the first" USB Killer ", only" like an atomic bomb "in the sense that it" may be useful something if you bring it, but should never be used " I was talking.

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