"GoPro Awards" started by posting a GoPro movie and getting a total of about 600 million yen prize money

Awards for recruiting photos and videos taken by GoPro from users all over the world and sending prizes totaling up to 5 million dollars (about 600 million yen) per year "GoPro Awards"Started on October 14, 2015 (local time). In the awards, three categories "Photos (Photos)", "Raw Clips (unedited videos)" and "Video Edits (edited videos)" are set, and the movies containing the summary of each prize amount, application method, Etc are listed on the special site.

GoPro Awards

All the 'interesting moments' caught by GoPro are recruiting at GoPro Awards. If you shoot with GoPro you can post both photos and videos and you do not have to distinguish between professional and amateurs. The prize money when you are selected as top content is $ 500 (about 60,000 yen) for "Photos (photography)", $ 1000 (about 120,000 yen) for "Raw Clips (unedited movie)", and "Video Edits (Edited video) "is 5000 dollars (about 600,000 yen). The deadline is not set and the timing of the award's closing is not decided in particular. If GoPro is recognized as a great work it will be paid a prize and it seems that the total prize money for one year is determined to be only up to 5 million dollars (about 600 million yen).

The following chart explains the award application cycle. Since the genre of the work to be posted is not limited, the user shoots part of life first in GoPro, such as cute moments, dishes, camping, surfing, snowball fighting, etc. the children showed.

When you can take interesting pictures and movies, post them to the GoPro Awards. The movie is unedited or edited. You can post your own content by logging in to the GoPro account from "Submit" on the website.

When the submitted photos / videos are selected as "Top Contents" at GoPro Awards, cash prize money will be paid from the GoPro to the creator / creation team of the content.

Even if you can win the prize money, the opportunity of the award is not the end, you can contribute as many times as you want for different content. If you post excellent content, chances are that you can get the prize again and again.

Pictures are JPG files of 1 MB or more taken with GoPro, movies are MP4 files taken with GoPro HD, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2.7K, 4K, images with low image quality can not be posted. Also, be careful as the movie is divided into unedited / edited categories.

Even if saying "genre is OK anything" it is also a fact that I do not know what to post. In such a case, it is also possible to post from the genre displayed at the bottom of the page with photos. Although genres such as "Action" and "Adventure" seem to be set, posting to genres such as "best trick shots" of sports and "family travel" seems to be popular among them.

You can see the official movie that shows what kind of campaign GoPro Awards is from below.

GoPro: Introducing GoPro Awards - YouTube

Contents of all genres are posted to GoPro Awards, for example where children are playing ......

Female diver swimming with jellyfish hordes

Lion touching GoPro set in savanna interestingly

Bypass of expressway taken from the sky

Playing music happily

Bear punch experience

Powerful full snowboard

A bungee jump from a steep rocky mountain

Motocross to decide the trick in the air

A man jumping from a high place ... ...

How far is the top of the roof. Although it is worrisome whether men could land after this, interesting images, pretty moments, thrilling sports, and so on, all kinds of content are posted at GoPro Awards.

In addition,A GoPro movie that you can experience the moment when you wear a wing suit and jump through the crack of one rock at 200 km / hYa

Pictures taken at GoPro until rescuing from the fire site and resurrectionWe have also appeared in the past, such as content.

I do not know what kind of photos and images will be chosen as "top content", but a casual moment when I shoot at GoPro may be a content that amuses people all over the world and may win prizes.

As mentioned above, there is no closing date of the GoPro Awards and it is scheduled to be held every year at a yearly cycle. People who are nice to me may be able to get prizes when I apply.

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