Chrome's notification center decided to be abolished as "no one is using it"

Google Chrome displays push notifications from apps and extensionsNotification centerThere is a function called "Chrome's development team quietly announces that" This function is not used by anyone, so "Delete in the latest version" is announced quietly.

Chromium Blog: Streamlining Notifications on Desktop

Chrome responded to push notifications from web pagesSpring of 2015It is from. However, Chrome's notification feature itself is not that new, and for push notifications from Chrome apps and extensionsResponding in 2010was doing. Although the notification is displayed on the screen of the PC, the push notification function added in 2010 seems to have often been overlooked, and in order to improve thisIt was made in 2013"Notification Center" that can check the latest notification at any time.

For example, in the case of a Windows PC, clicking such a bell icon displayed on the task bar ... ...

The notification center is displayed. For example, if you are using Google Now on an Android device, you can also see notifications from Chrome's notification center.

However, according to the development team, it seems that only a small number of users have purposely opened the notification center and confirmed the notification. So, in order to keep Chrome as simple software, Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux seems to have decided to remove the notification center from the next release.

Notice that was previously sent only to the notification center will be returned as an error and the API associated with the notification center will also stop working. However, it will appear that Chrome's notification function itself will remain as it is, just by losing the notification center.

It seems that Chrome OS will continue to use Notification Center.

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