The world's first modular type smart watch "BLOCKS" to build up favorite parts

Google's smartphone that you can rearrange the necessary parts "Ara"The world's first modular smart watch capable of adding modules with sensors and necessary functions for the belt part"BLOCKS"Has appeared.

BLOCKS | The World's First Modular Smartwatch

This is the world's first modular smart watch "BLOCKS". At first glance it looks like an ordinary watch ... ...

Each one of the bands has become a part to add functionality to Smart Watch.

How to attach, connect the parts to the connecting part ......

Just like a regular wristwatch, you can insert a bar and fix it.

"Core" which becomes the main part and dial part becomes the main parts making up BLOCKS and it is the main part which constitutes "BLOCKS", "smartphone notification display" "activity tracking" "voice control" "1.5 minutes battery" "color touch screen" "Bluetooth LE" "Wi-Fi" "Haptic feedback" features.

If there is a function that you want to add other than the function of the core, a "module" is added. Each module has one function, hardware, sensors, "heart rate monitor", "LED", "SIM / GSM slot" "blood oxygen concentration" "stress level" "program button" "tactile sense Feedback "" Electrical skin reaction (GSR) "" NFC settlement "" Camera "" Flash memory "" Developer module "" Exercise charger "" Thermometer "" Additional battery "" GPS "" Fingerprint authentication " That's it.

For example, when notification of low battery level comes from BLOCKS ......

Remove the additional battery module from the bag and install it on the BLOCKS, you can continue using it without charging.

When going out cycling, if you add a GPS module, you will be able to check the map application etc. on the screen of the arm.

When shopping, you can shop without removing the wallet by keeping the NFC settlement module.

When training in indoor training such as meditation (meditation), if you add a health tracking module, training should be back.

A dedicated case is also available, and you can add the necessary modules on that day and go out.

If you attach the RFID key module, you will be able to lock your home keyless.

If you are BLOCKS with a gesture module, turn it like twisting the switch in the air ... ...

It is possible to change the lighting of the room without operating the remote control etc.

Besides the two types of watch faces on the screen, you can toggle notifications of application launcher, various applications, smartphones, etc. with touch and voice control.

IOS and Android can cooperate OS.

Already many companies such as QUALCOMM and ARM are interested in BLOCKS's module technology.

Although it seems that detailed partnership can not be revealed at the moment, development of prototypes and mass production of products are the top 5 manufacturers in TaiwanCompel · ElectronicsWe have decided.

In addition, BLOCKS is seeking investment with Kickstarter, and funds already exceeding the target investment amount already have gathered. If you invest 195 dollars (about 23,000 yen) in the project, you will receive one set of BLOCKS's "One core + one strap", a $ 275 (about 32,000 yen) contribution of BLOCKS " + Favorite Module Four "set of one can be obtained. Additional modules will be available for purchase at "BLOCKStore" to be released soon.

Color can be selected from 3 colors of black · white · red. Product shipments are planned around June 2016, and a separate $ 25 (about 3000 yen) is required for shipping to Japan. The deadline of investment is 8:00 am on Friday, November 20, 2015.

BLOCKS - The World's First Modular Smartwatch by BLOCKS Wearables - Kickstarter

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