What is the way film producers manipulate the feelings of the audience with "color"?

Human beings are unconsciously affected psychologically from the colors seen by the eyes, so movie production studios such as Hollywood apply "color grading" technology that can guide the feelings of the audience according to the production of the movie. The Verge movie explains how color correction in such a movie is being done.

How filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color - YouTube

In producing a movie, "what color to use" is an important factor that changes the influence on the audience. There are colors that are often used depending on the genre, but that is because it can make a suitable influence for each genre.

For example, in Romance movies, warm color red tone colors are commonly used.

In horror movies it is dark blue and directs fear.

Blue and green are heavily used in SF movies.

And regardless of the genre, "blue and orange" is known as the color often used in movies.

Color affects human emotions psychologically, so the effect of each color has been verified in the film industry for decades.

Robert Plutchik advocated in 1980 "A ring of emotions"Is also useful in the film industry as a guideline for color grading.

Until now, color grading of motion picture film was a costly operation, but now that digital processing became mainstream, color adjustment is possible at low cost.

Also,"Wonderful life, life!Good old masterpieces born in the black and white film era like ... "

Digital technology that has become possible to do because it is a modern day, such as reviving it as a color movie by digital processing, is utilized. Along with the spread of digital processing technology, color adjustment is not done only for special scenes, it is now one of the standard work for movie makers.

Among them, Hollywood tends to place importance on adjusting blue and orange.

This has the effect of raising the actor from the background for the color correction of blue and orange, and the area of ​​blue and orange is complementary to each other as seen with the color wheel.

Therefore, it is said that the technique of adjusting the actor with the color of the orange line and adjusting the background with the color of the blue system on the diagonal line of the orange is adopted.

Also, knowing the knowledge of these color grading, even if it is not a movie producer, "smartphone application"VideoGrade"You can also use it when editing movies with such as.

The end of the movie shows that you can give a totally different impression just by changing the hue of exactly the same scene as an example of "how much color grading will bring about". One of the scenes where women look at merry-go-round, based on the following.

When you make the yellow taste of the merry-go-round strong, it makes an impression like a one-scene of memories ......

When the color tone was darkened as a whole, it became the atmosphere that the incident seemed to happen at any moment.

When it comes to bright color tones such as yellow and red, it is a fun scene. Even though women have the same facial expressions and movements the same, we can see that the impression received by coloring is totally different.

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