While uncovering Marshmallow "Uncle Mash" Animation The talk was developed with a soft atmosphere. "Uncle and Marshmallow Animation Recital"

The animation which the broadcast start of January 2016 is decided "Uncle and Marshmallow"The details of the director's director's speaking recitalMachi ★ Asobi vol.15It took place in.

"Uncle and Marshmallow" Animation Presentation Meeting Machi ★ Asobi

"Uncle and Marshmallow" animation making presentation was held at the East Park stage on the last day of Machi ★ Asobi vol.15Hisasa HirasawaIt was held by the coach of the general manager. Original author'sNobu MaruHe said that he was unable to attend because he was in Taiwan.

Director Hirasawa who begins to distribute marshmallows to customers in the venue as soon as it starts.

While distributing marshmallows, first of all, "About the original work", the director Hirasawa asked, "Who knows the original?" Hands raised from inside the hall. "Uncle and Marshmallow" is a piece that marshmallow depicts a favorite uncle and an OL love pattern that favors uncle, which was published by Mr. Noiko Noikomaru (Toilet Basket) on pixiv. So farComicsThere are 2 volumes released in total.

Subsequently, information that can be lifted at the present time of animation "Uncle and Marshmallow" has been released. Animation will start broadcasting from January 2016 with about 3 minutes short animation. We are planning a total of 12 to 13 stories. Why is it all "schedule" because the editorial department is busy so no one can judge.

And, "It's over!", Suddenly the slide has ended ... ....

From here we will introduce the characters that are going to appear in animation. First of all, the hero's sun (beard). A middle-aged man of metabolism type, I like marshmallow "Mushrooms eaten" very much.

Wakabayashi is an OL who loves Kimitoshi-san, and in the office there are two slutti comedies.

Because MIO 5 (Mioko) speaks with "at the end of the story" at the end of the word, it is nicknamed that it is clown. An explanation as an animated character is "a mysterious woman".

"The information you can give out is over this time!", And the slide has ended again.

Subsequently, "Secret story talk", secret production talk was told at the venue only.

And while making the material ... the neta runs out ... ... with the general manager who was in trouble, the original author Mr. Miya seeks asking questions or asking for uncle Mash animation on Twitter It is said that.

So, first of all, Mr. Mr. Miya asked the director general. Is it really a question? Although it is a content, the talk involving the guests of the venue was unfolded.

For supporters' comments, I would like to express Mr. Kusaka's body's puffy feeling cute, Hirasawa General Director. It seems that pursuing Mr. Mr. Mr. Michii with the texture of Puyo Puyo which does not feel muscle like bead cushion.

In the comment "Substitute emphasis on the image and the image of the voice", Hirasawa coach said "I came with pinpoints", for example Wakabayashi's "___ SA" "There are various ways of thinking, such as whether to make a question or a threatening tone, but Mr. Nobushi and Mr. Hirasawa are all thinking that" Wakabayashi is fairly saying image " That's right. I do not have an audition yet, but I think that it would be difficult to choose "a person who normally speaks with a normal tone". Because Wakabayashi is expressionless in front of Mr. Beaga, he seems to be predicting that it will be a trend of trial and error as it is difficult to express his expression.

Furthermore, in response to the request of "Wakabayashi's younger brother and president, various characters such as Gansu and factory tour", Hirasawa coach said favorite episode of factory tour, seniors and juniors are so funny that they seldom appear in animation It was.

To the question that the abbreviation of uncle and marshmallow is "Otama" or "Uncle Mash", it is decided to "Uncle Mash" by the vote of the venue. What I would like to keep in mind when Hirasawa 's coach is animated, the first is Mr. Nishimita' s cuteness, the second is the relationship between Wakabayashi and Ms. There are many people whose characters are standing in the sub so it seems that they want to take out various things. He also said that he would like to make a spiritual connection between Mr. Kusakabe and Mr. Wakabayashi.

In the question corner from the venue, there is a question "Do you want to eat the mushrooms?", Hirasawa coach said, "I and my teacher want to do everything". The company which manufactures marshmallows seems to have only one company with overwhelming market share in Japan, and only one company. When commodityization was realized, he said he wanted to bring it to Asobi, sell it, sell baked marshmallows, and collaborate with crepe shops and others.

Furthermore, he seems to have an image that general director Hirasawa Hira is strong according to the question "Mr. Nisshin is a good physique, but is actually strong or weak?" Although Mr. Kusumi works for an IT company, in the original work scenes which are doing programming and engineering work are not drawn, I think whether to hear Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Kunitoshi It is said that there is.

At the end of the talk show, the rest of the marshmallows dealt at the venue and the Janken convention were held over the materials used in the talk. Director Hirasawa held a screening to appreciate "Danchigai" while drinking or eating with gore ★ Asanbi, so he said he would like to do a Mashi screening while eating marshmallow at the next gussett assobi It was.

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