Fate's Ferrari pain car, Imasu · Umaru · Kirakira etc. Machi ★ Asobi Summary of the pain cars gathered on vol.15

An animation event held in Tokushima city from October 10 to 12, 2015Machi ★ Asobi vol.15In "the car is filled with love for characters"Pain carMany people were gathered.

Pain event gore ★ Asobi

Arrived at Aiba Beach park along Shinmachi River where a pain car is exhibited. There is a flashy red Ferrari in the park entrance.

This was a Ferrari F430 pain car, the one that was first unveiled at Machiasobi vol.15. Illustration is drawing Takashi Takeuchi who is acting as a character design of the Fate series etc, and the bonnet comes with an illustration of Rin Tohsaka of Fate / stay night.

On the right sideFate / extraSaber.

Layer of Saber Cos was appealing pain Ferrari.

On the left sideFate / Grand OrderSaber.

The back is like this with a feeling like this.

The servant is likely to be summoned on the car ... ....

Sate of Fate / extra, Saber of Fate / Grand Order, Rin of Fate / stay night. The Ferrari pain car is exhibited at Bibahama Park on October 10 (Saturday) and October 12 (Monday) on the summit of Mount Bizan on October 11 (Sunday).

As you go to the back of the park, the exhibition area of ​​the painful car spreads.

Fate / stay night's pain car with white and blue based on refreshing impression.

On the windshield, the stuffed animals of the Fate character were packed solidly.

Mr. Saber

Saber also on the antenna of the ceiling. It seems to be announcing gore ★ Assobi.

There is a cabin in the corner and Saber in the maid figure behind.

There was also Saber on the roof.

Somehow Illustration of Wakako sake too.

"Free!" Pain car

A comfortable cushion stares at you from the other side of the windshield.

The cushion occupied the driver 's seat and the passenger' s seat.

December 5 Illustration of the theatrical version of the national road show "High Speed! - Free! Starting Days -" as well.

When I visited on the second day, the stuffed animals had increased further.

Although it looks like an ordinary car at first glance ... ....

Looking at the door, the Touhou Project and the ship's sticker.

Battleship Yamato in the passenger seat.

Gullwing's Bakemonogatachi.

Hanekawa Tsubasa is decorating the bonnet

Illustrations of Hanekawa on the side.

The title of the story series is slippery for the rearview mirror.

This is also a story of Gull Wing 's story.

Narrowness and stuffiness are put in place.

This owner of a painful car is battlefield Senjogahara Hitagi.



"40 grams of copper, 25 grams of zinc, 15 grams of nickel, malicious ninety-seven kilograms to five gtl blasphemy, my insults are being trained"

A car with a simple color of white, red, or navy is a painful car of "Kira Rakiru".

The red cross is glittery in the hood part.

The light on the left side is painted like an eclipse of blood.

There was a gut in the driver 's seat.

One sword scissors and life fiber.

On the other side is Matsuki 's love sword "Banged".

The Lexus logo is full of mako matches.

A painful car in the Touhou Project that got a lot of eye out in the hall.

In the car are figures and ... ...

Towel and other character goods are perfect.

Even full roofing is given to the roof.

There is no pull out to the trunk.

There were other pain cars in the Toho Project. A pain car whose illustration of Patchouli Knowledge & Komei Satori is drawn on bonnet.

On the dashboard, stuffed animals were lined up toward the driver 's seat.

Patchouli is the right side.

On the left side, an embarrassing facial expression.

Also patchouli & a trunk cover - two shots.

Here is the pain of "Dried sister! Umaru-chan".



Kyrie also secretly stuck with her master beside the tire.

There is also a UMR of gamers.

There are lots of snacks of Umarugo's favorite things such as potite chips, cola, pudding, bamboo shoots.

Yuki Komine of "Grisaia's fruit".

A huge illustration of Miku Hatsune on the hood and a painful car on which your mascot was secretly placed.

Hatsune Miku wink face back.

There was also a pain car exhibition at the forest parking lot at the summit of Meishan.

The figure of the owner who carefully polishes the car body in preparation for the start of the exhibition is also.

"Delemas" Mika Jokagasaki

"Aimasu" Amami Haruka

"Idol Master Million Live!" Bamabikomi

"Delemas" Futaba Fumi

Every time you open or close the door, Kyo 's voice "I do not want to work ..." was being played.

The mountaintop exhibition was an impression many Imamasu cars.

"I have few friends" Kana Kashiwazaki

Appeared up to the painful car of the "Dandobotchi".

MEIKO wrapping in the car.

"In the middle of the world and the world" Miki Tsukuda

Left side is different posing

"Air friends are on board"

Strike Witches

"Love Plus" Aika Takamine

"Oota only"

In addition, taxi of the first traffic running in the city of Tokushima is wrapped in some vehicles.

This was Tales of Zestiria's wrapping taxi.

When I visited the exhibition hall on the second day, I was getting more painful cars. This is the pain of Girls & Panzer.

Goods such as figures and key holders are tightly arranged on the dashboard.

On the left is Yuka Akiyama.

The right side is West living.

The trunk part is also filled with Girls & Panzer characters.

The car that looks like an ordinary car looks like this number was "39-39", the place name part was "Hatsune".

There was Hatsune Miku on the sunshade cover of the driver 's seat.

The lyrics of "World Is Mine" are written on the rear glass.

On the side is a character of "VOCALOID" and a silhouette of Hatsune Miku.

When I looked closely, there was a cutaway Miku Hatsune.

Here is the fleet's painful car.

The black car body is drawn with a white-colored character, and it is a calm impression with monotone tone.

The trunk was full of love for the character.

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