14 unknown truths about sex


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It has become clear that sex can provide various benefits , but BuzzFeedVideo has compiled 14 little-known facts about sex, such as ``calories burned during sex'' and ``speed of sperm movement'' .

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It has been shown that staying away from sex can reduce the size of your penis.

``If a man does not experience sexual intercourse, he may someday lose his penis,'' he explains, with a hint of humor.

Cornflakes were invented by

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg , the older brother of the first president of Kellogg Company. Dr. Kellogg believed that masturbation caused leprosy, tuberculosis, heart disease, and insanity, and that eating healthy corn flakes could help people reduce their sexual desire.


According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, one sexual act can give you the same sense of happiness as earning $100,000 (approximately 12 million yen).

It is said that when female strippers reach the ovulation phase of their menstrual cycle, their earnings increase due to the effect of pheromones that stimulate men's sexual desire.

42% of American couples believe they are more likely to encounter a cryptid,

Bigfoot , than to reach climax at the same time as their partner.

51% of women have experienced orgasm during exercise, and a new term has been born : coregasm, which refers to the natural

orgasm that occurs during muscle training that strengthens the body's core.

'Agalmatophilia' means the love of statues and dolls.

The earliest written reference to agalmatophilia was written in 1877 by the German Dr.

Richard von Krafft-Ebing, who wrote, ``A gardener fell in love with a statue of Venus de Milo and had sex with it.'' 'I tried to reach out,' it says.

Men tend to have shorter testicles on their dominant side and longer testicles on the opposite side.

It is said that it is good to keep your feet warm to make it easier to reach orgasm.

Sperm moves at a speed of 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour).

It has been found that when semen is rubbed into the skin, the effects of proteins reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

Semen also contains zinc and calcium, which is said to have the effect of preventing tooth decay.

It is said that 30 minutes of sex burns approximately 144 kilocalories.


research has shown that you can burn 8 to 80 kilocalories by making your partner take off their clothes, and 68 kilocalories by kissing for an hour.

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