"Self-driving cars will appear next month," Tesla's mask CEO is fierce

Ellon Mask, CEO of "Tesla" who can be said to be the world leader in electric cars, revealed in an interview that "Self driving car will appear next month". Since the interview was carried out in the latter half of September, cars with self-driving function will actually be handed over to the general users during October 2015.

Elon Musk - Autopilot available in 1 month - YouTube

This interview is based on the Danish newspaper "BørsenIt was carried out on 23rd September. Mr. Masu who is visiting European countries including Denmark seems to visit Denmark and meet with the staff of Tesla and Denmark to check the present situation and seek support from the government person.

"The message about Denmark?" Mr. Mask said, "Denmark with active wind power generation is a leader in renewable energy, a leader in" renewable means of transport " Although it includes the possibility of being able to become an electric vehicle in the future, it is still in the future that the automobile electricity conversion is still going on, so it is important for Denmark to support the spread of electric vehicles, " We will talk about issues.

Mr. Mask asked, "A small country like Denmark will be an important country for Tesla?" Mr. Mask said, "Denmark is a model to show what can be done about sustainable means of transport" It is difficult to make a change in a big country right away, but I think that a country like Denmark can become a leader for the world by making a change. "

"In Denmark it is the world's largest wind power generator makerVestasThere is a problem that wind power generation has to keep electric power because output is not fixed. Can Tesla be powerful about this? To the question of ... ...

"Electric vehicles that can save electricity to batteries are effective means of storing energy by wind power generation, and Tesla can store electricity at homePower WallWill be available in 2016 and it will be a very powerful solution by combining wind power generation and energy storage equipment, "he said, adding to the goodness of compatibility between sustainable energy and Tesla.

In addition, "I think that we can realize a" good future "for sustainable power generation method, storage of electricity and electric cars will be a solution for energy problems in the future," he says.

Currently, electric vehicles are announced one by one from automobile companies, and competition in the same field as Tesla is about to begin. Mr. Mask asked what he thought about this situation, "Tesla aims to disseminate sustainable means of transportation, Tesla publishes technology in open source, paying royalties to us We do not think that other companies are going to enter electric vehicles because we believe that the future in which sustainable means of transport will not be realized is not good so we hope that we will hasten the movement further I will tell you.

Unlike traditional vehicles that can refuel at gas stations in the city, the length of the "cruising distance" is extremely important for electric vehicles where charging facilities are still limited. According to the question "How long will it take to be able to run 1000 km with a single charge?" Mr. Mask said, "It depends on what situation it is used. "Model S" that can be run for the longest is 800 km.In personal thought, I think that it is possible to realize a distance of 1000 km in about one to two years. "

When asked "What is it in 2020?", He replied, "Maybe 2000 km can run." However, it seemed that I was in trouble for a while, because I was asked about the future in the future too.

To the question "Are there any plans for self-driving cars ...?"

"In Tesla, we are developing an auto pilot function that can handle steering wheel automatically on expressway, hopefully ......I want to make it appear next monthComment. Since the interview was held in September 2015, it also suggests that vehicles with automatic driving functions will appear in October.

Also, for vehicles capable of autonomous operation on general roads "It will appear within three years"On the other hand, does it mean that the maintenance of the law has not kept up?" Since regulatory bodies are not considered to permit autonomous driving, regulation was carried out for about 1 to 3 years even when a vehicle appeared I think that this will make a difference depending on the region · Technically it can be realized in 3 years. "

In response to the question "What kinds of cars are we driving in 20 years?" Mr. Mask said with a smile, "Hopefully, after 20 years many vehicles have turned into electric vehicles, production All vehicles will be self-driving cars, but because the car's possession period can last up to 20 years, it will take 20 years for all vehicles to become electric vehicles Speaking about the self-driving car, it will take 10 to 50 years, "he said.

Mask CEO has announced that it will soon release an automatic steering function on expressway and automatic updating of parallel parking software with "Company S" of the company. This comment is thought to be a remark that indicates that this update is approaching at hand.

Tesla E. mask CEO, "Model S" announces that additional automatic driving function will be added - Autoblog Japan version

In addition, Tesla announced "Model X", a new SUV model, on September 29, 2015. In the SUV model of the five-door door, the cruising range that is being announced is supposed to be about 250 miles (about 400 km). One of the big features is that the rear door is a gull wing that jumps upwards, driving the four wheels with two motors mounted in front and behindAWD(All wheel drive) has become. The reservation is now started, and delivery of cargo in the second half of 2016 is scheduled to begin.

Model X | Tesla Motors Japan

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