I tried eating "beckoning donuts" where bears began to emerge faintly from the holes of cat type donuts

From a hole in a donut a child bear creates a donut with a cute design with a bare faceShiretoko FactoryHowever, cat type "Beckon's cat donut"And a child bear in a soft cream"Kuma goron soft"We are selling them at New Chitose Airport only. I had the opportunity to go to New Chitose Airport, so I actually went to a shop and ate a child's sweet.

Siretoco sky sweets | New Chitose Airport terminal building

You are also in love Kumagoron | New Chitose Airport terminal building

Arrived at siretoko sky sweets at the souvenir shop on the 2nd floor of New Chitose Airport International Terminal Building. The display where the bear is buried in the hole of the donut is pretty eye-catching, so it's easy to find in the souvenir department.

One of the aims "Kuma goron soft"(380 yen including tax) discovered the signboard, I will order the most popular" Shiori "immediately. It is said that the salty taste of Kuma goron software uses natural salt taken from Shiretoko 's deep sea water.

I was able to receive ice as soon as I ordered.

Pale emerald green salt Salt of iced sauce contains a little pink-colored gumadonat coated with strawberry chocolate.

There is nothing on the reverse side and only a soft blue cream rises up.

When eating it seems that saltiness is strong first, but afterwards the sweetness of milk has come over, the feeling that the saltyness of natural salt complements the sweetness of milk. Soft cream is a little sharp texture like sherbet. The pink child gumadonut was felt slightly sweetness of strawberries, combined with fluffy texture, was a good accent of soft cream.

Since there is plenty of soft cream in the bottom of the corn and there is a volume, it seems that you can share it with 2 or 3 people and eat it. However, because there is only one child gamadonuts, it may be unavoidable to compete against the fight.

A number of donuts are lined up in the showcase of the shop, and the child bear is buried in the hole of the plain donutShiretoko donutThere was also.

The donut aiming for this time, "New Chitose Airport Limited"Welcome Hokkaido"(390 yen including tax) and ... ...

Also New Chitose Airport Limited "Beckon's cat donut"(390 yen including tax).

That's why I brought it back here.

The donut is in an elongated box.

When opening the box, the hole in the center should be buried in Shiretoko donuts, but for some reason the hole of the right side donut was open all the way.

When I looked closely at the box, the daughter of a child bear fell down on the bottom of the box. Apparently it seems I had fallen by impact while carrying around.

After putting the bear back in the hole, I removed it from the box and arranged it on the dish.

The donut is quite thick and has about the same height as the width of the iPhone 5s.

First I will eat from welcome Hokkaido.

The surface of the donut is coated with white chocolate, green chocolate and a map of Hokkaido and characters of "Welcome Hokkaido" in brown chocolate are marked.

In addition, patterns of heart marks and notes are drawn by pink or light blue icing.

In the hole of the donut, the size which the polar bear of the bulky pupil fits comfortably. Polar bear's pink cheek is very cute.

There was no chocolate coating on the back of the bear.

First of all, when you try cutting it with a kitchen knife to eat from the donut body, the cut feeling is somewhat hardened and less greasy, it feels like a pound cake.

When cutting it to a bite size and eating it, the moist dough cloth is modest in sweetness, just balanced when you eat it with a sweet chocolate coating with a crisp texture. Because the fabric is packed solidly and there is a volume, it is good to have a drink such as coffee.

I will stare at this with a look like a bear troubled, but I will never eat my attention.

Unlike the donut part, the fabric of bear is soft and fluffy texture. The sweetness is modest, and the milky flavor of white chocolate is felt strongly.

Next I will try eat-me-neko donuts.

Two bears and faces gazing at me here. The design and colors of the face of the beard catch are various, and you can choose your favorite cat from the store's showcase. I bought a brown bean cat that my eyes became heart this time,

Since beckoning cat is in a posture that raised his right hand, if you eat it, your luck may be up ... ....

The child bear expresses his eyes, nose, and ears using plain donut cloth, milk chocolate.

I cut it with kitchen knife, it is like a pound cake like welcome Hokkaido.

When I try to eat, the sweetness of milk chocolate and bitter taste of bitter chocolate are combined, a little adult taste. It was an impression that the flavor of chocolate was strong and the taste of the pound cake hid in chocolate.

Almonds are contained in the beaked pin and pointed ears.

Round hands are expressed in cashew nuts, you can enjoy the contrast between the mouthfeel of the donut's mouth and the crispy texture of nuts.

I will scoop up a little bear in the hole and eat it. From the fluffy fabric, the sweetness of a slight honey was felt, it was a symmetrical flavor with a bitter donut fabric.

In addition, you can purchase a bear buried in a donut hole as a single "Koumagoron in love"(7 pieces including 950 yen including tax) also bought together and went home.

Peel off the sticker of Kumagoron and open the box.

There were seven bear gallons in the box and it was in the box.

Take it out on a plate and it looks like this. There are seven bears totaling 3 bears, 1 tiger and 3 pandas.

Polar bear & brown bear is orthodox design which is also used for Shiretoko donuts.

Pink bear & yellow tiger. Tiger is a limited design of Kumagoron in love.

Black, white and pink pandas have swollen eyes.

The size of a beak goron is a mini size that it can bear with a chocon at the fingertip.

The fabric itself is the same as a child bear stuck in the hole of Shiretoko donut, and you can taste only 7 fluffy child bear only.

The opening hours of siretoko sky sweets at New Chitose Airport are from 8 o'clock to 20 o'clock.

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