"IPhone 6s" & "iPhone 6s Plus" haste photo review, new color rose gold looks like this

On September 25, 2015, Apple's latest iPhone "IPhone 6s"When"IPhone 6s Plus"Was released. I got the latest iPhone 2 model lined up in the morning from the morning at GIGAZINE editorial department, so I tried to see how much the color of the new color rose gold is different from the existing gold.

IPhone 6s - Apple (Japan)

A picture of the terminal is printed on the box of "iPhone 6s".

When opening the box with a crackle, rose gold of iPhone 6s appears from inside.

Since the transparent vinyl sheet is affixed to iPhone 6s, if you peel this periperi ......

The appearance of iPhone 6s. The feeling I saw was similar to the iPhone 6, but it is not so different ... ...

There is a mark "s" under the letter "iPhone" on the back, this will be a mark for the 6s / 6s Plus series.

The iSight camera on the back has evolved to 12 megapixels and it is possible to shoot a 4K movie.

Taking it in your hand is like this. The main body size is 133.3 mm in length × 67.1 mm in width × 7.1 mm in weight weighs 143 g. It is 0.2 mm in length, 0.1 mm in width, 0.2 mm in thickness from the iPhone 6, and the body weight is nominally increased by 14 g.

The FaceTime HD camera at the top of the display is 5 megapixels.

It is said that the Touch ID of the home button has a built-in "second generation fingerprint authentication sensor", which is one generation evolved than the fingerprint authentication sensor of the iPhone 6/6 Plus.


3.5 mm stereo headphone mini jack, microphone, Lightning connector, speaker on the bottom

On the left side are sound on / off button and volume control button

Looking up it is like this.

SIM card slot and sleep / wake button on the right side.

It adopts 7000 series aluminum of the same grade as used in the aerospace industry, and the seam of white line called aluminum body and D line is also very smooth.

Retina HD display seems to be the most robust cover glass among all smart phones all over the world and is made using a special dual ion exchange process. The joint between the cover glass and the aluminum body is curved, but it is very smoothly connected, and the sense of unity when holding it is a terrible level.

Inside the box are pins for taking out the SIM slot, Lightning cable for charging / synchronization, AC adapter, earphone and so on.

Next, try opening the gold model of iPhone 6s Plus.

Gold is more yellow than rose gold.

This is the iPhone 6s Plus. Weight 192 g in length 158.2 mm × width 77.9 mm × thinness 7.3 mm. From 6 Plus, the length is 0.2 mm, the width is 0.1 mm, the thickness is 0.2 mm, and the weight is increased by 20 g.

FaceTime HD camera at the top of the display

Home button


Main camera



Left side

right side

With 5.5 inch 3D Touch equipped Retina HD display, resolution is 1920 × 1080, 401 ppi. I feel it is much bigger than iPhone 6s if I have it in my hand.

Rose gold on the left and gold on the right. The rose gold is more reddish, it looks somewhat elegant.

Just because I had iPhone 6 Plus (left), I compared it with iPhone 6s Plus (right).

"S" mark has been added to the logo part on the back.

ISight camera looks almost unchanged, but powered up from 8 megapixels on the iPhone 6 Plus to 12 megapixels on the iPhone 6s Plus. In addition to being able to shoot 4K movies, it also has an optical image stabilization function during movie shooting.

There is nothing pears on the top.

The layout of the bottom is the same.

Left side

right side

FaceTime HD camera evolved from 1.2 megapixel to 5 megapixel.

Although the appearance of the home button does not change, the built-in fingerprint authentication sensor is iPhone 6 Plus of the 1st generation and the iPhone 6s Plus is the 2nd generation.

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