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Toyota Marketing Japan and Toyota Modelista International will develop customized car "Char Auris II only" customized car that collaborated with "Mobile Suit Gundam" based on the new Auris, and will be sold throughout the nationwide Toyota store from Thursday, October 1st. The concept is "Experience feeling" Sharp only "throughout the body", evolving the first generation, which was a customized model of exterior center, and finishing everything with customized commitment. The number of units is limited to 300, 4 models are available, and the price is 3,216,337 - 3,730,910 yen.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The overwhelming destruction of Seagate products revealed from the record of operating approximately 35,000 HDDs - GIGAZINE

Examples of cases where iPhone 6 Plus bent inside pockets, which can be easily bent by hand - GIGAZINE

20 doubts that may be solved by science, such as across the black hole - GIGAZINE

Motivation · sexual desire will rise when staying up all but planning · decisive ability declines - GIGAZINE

5 Reasons to Repair the Older without Repurchasing a New One - GIGAZINE

Birth of a card that does not have a T point "to control shop clerk and smooth shopping - GIGAZINE

"Fire bird" with a wing width of 11 meters has appeared at the "Kyoto International Manga Museum" and has explored museums all over the world - GIGAZINE

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please stop…! People suffering from aggravated black history named prefix Profile - Togetter Summary

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【I knew? Daphnia was actually a shock visual! People trembling with image changes - Togetter Summary

STAP cells: Can not make all in 133 repeat experiments - Mainichi Newspaper

Discovered in Alaska New species of herbivorous dinosaurs and revealed NHK News

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"Order of corporal body punishment, to PTSD" Damaged girls to coach and so on: Kyoto Shimbun

Mr. Putin and Berlusconi, 5 allegations of opening 12 million wine opening international news: AFPBB News

Former professor of leakage judicial exam problem NHK News

About news report about 25.35 k on the left bank of the Kinugawa river (Josuge Waka-yado location in Josong) | press release | Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kanto Regional Development Bureau

In the vicinity of 25.35 k on the left bank of the Kinugawa river (Josomiya kotobuki pref.), In actuality the terrain which played the role like embankment (hereinafter referred to as "so-called natural embankment"), businesses set up solar panels We have reported that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism had responded that there was no problem or that it was silent as to the excavation to, but since there is a point different from the fact as follows, we will report .
○ The place where the solar panel was installed is out of the scope of the river law, and as a river administrator, there is no authority on action regulation.
○ The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport grasped that "the so-called natural embankment" began to be drilled in March, Heisei 20, and met with a business operator drilling in April.
○ In that case, directly inform the business operator "that the place is a place without embankment and that there is a danger of flooding when flooding", and together with Joso City, "Can not leave with the height of the local board" I strongly requested, but it did not reach an agreement.
○ For that reason, lease the land of the business operator and set up a large soil as an urgent measure to secure the same height as the lowest place before the "so-called natural embankment" is excavated In May, we began talks with the relevant business operator and completed installation in early July after obtaining approval from the business operator.

Impact on the composition of the House of Council election to appeal Communist party election cooperation NHK News

Men and women 20 men and women drinking in Henoko tent? Break the banner with a cutter | Okinawa Times + Plus

Establishment of Security Law Law The future defense is NHK News

Painful news (No ∀ `): German Volkswagen fights cheating by rice inspection of 2,160 billion yen - Livedoor blog

One explosion at the school lunch room 5 people including children who died Aomori: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Family Registration Law Violation: Father's 33 year old daughter's mother is overpaid ... Forever violence notified - Mainichi Newspaper

"Refugee acceptance is part of aggressive pacifism" Mr. Ogata Sadako: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Prime Minister GDP 600 trillion yen Goal Government Administration NHK News

Starbucks and Amazon ... international rules for excessive tax savings of multinational companies: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The emergence of military runway on artificial island, the criticism of the United States in the hands of the South China Sea has already delayed, the Nansha base group which is being born | JBpress (Japan Business Press)

In the unconstitutional ruling "Ancient Rice" former presiding judge's anguish "I thought there was no success in life" | dot. Dot Asahi Shimbun Publication

"I did not go through the hiring of occupations and relocation once and even if I did the same job as other judges, my job title remained as it was.It was in the court for about 20 years after the judgment, but the salary increased on the way It was only it.I do not eat cold rice until this point (laugh), but I did not do the wrong thing, I was giving up whether it was such a fate "

Ceiling board falls at Denny's, two people injured Kanagawa / Hiratsuka: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Nobel laureate prize · Krugman "The failure of the unified currency euro is inevitable" cuts Europe's "self-righteousness" who does not face the reality | The New York Times | Modern business [Kodansha]

Bullying commit suicide: Near middle school, dedication flower board ward office calls for removal Sendai - Mainichi Newspaper

A local man (51), whose daughter was a classmate with a boy's student, visited a donation on the morning of the 22nd. "Even the fact that he died at school was made" nothing ", there is no opportunity to join hands, there is no place to condemn, someone told us as a human being."

Volkswagen, self-bomb, stock price Borokuso bargain: market situation kabu full force 2 stories

Family Register 33 years, Father's Massacre of Violence Fears Mother's Birth Notification: Nikkei Shimbun

Elementary and junior high school student 's act of violence, Kudo society investigation drastically reduced? Kitakyushu: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Criminal coverage of "○ ○ people" conspiracy that could encourage prejudice against foreigners - Killing six murder cases (Kento Ken) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Current affairs dot com: couple surname, harsh international public opinion = United Nations, Recommend law amendment

According to the data prepared by the House of Representatives Research Office in November 2010, in addition to Japan, the husband and wife is adopting the same name as Jamaica, which is the same in the custom, and Indian Hindu whose institution is different in religion and region .

Painful news (No ∀ `): Agnes Chan killed murder, 15-year-old junior high school student going home search - livedoor blog

【New National Stadium】 Fumio Shimomura "How to take responsibility, I want to announce on 25th" - Sankei news

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries invests in a nuclear reactor subsidiary in France AREVA: Asahi Shimbun Digital

U.S. management raises AIDS drug by 50 times to solve the problem of the controversial medical system One photo relief one international news: AFPBB News

【Ibaragi Shimbun】 Over 80% well water of Joso City, drinking not suitable

Toshiba White goods home appliances to partner with Chinese companies NHK News

VW rice appeal for damages successive NHK news

Super sales over 5 consecutive months Increase in grocery price NHK News

Alibaba's collapse In just one year from the listing list, stock prices are halved and suspicion of dressing up accounts is also suspected

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Store manager in the convenience store near the big site "There is a feeling bad over there! Otaku gathers!" The store manager later ... Of course ... What is the hospitality industry - Togetter Summary

Teacher injury repeated succession (Uchida Ryo) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Demonstration and "Generation of Cynicism" - Togetter Summary

What is the way to write a curriculum vitae to make you readable as a IT engineer changes jobs?

"Withering trees are too bumpy in mountains" Nearly half of people misunderstood NHK News

People who are not going to become parties | Tsuen Otsu · Samurai Official Site

I interviewed "Friends of Syrian refugees" who ran away to Germany for their life | WSBI

The shoreline of the disaster area, the voice of embarrassment in the tide breakwater huge emerging appearing: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Shirasu, where I went No festival to stop festivals Shizuoka: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Why can not Japanese understand the existence of "God" that Christians say: philosophy news nwk

Let's talk about Buddhism like this: Kinyaku


O Nice, who desperately told me to lend a toilet and came visiting Crocodile to the unco toilet - Togetter Summary

Aim for "zero nursing career leave", aim for elimination of special education and standby: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Japanese tea has won high likelihood contest winning contest in the UK Kagoshima "Princess ふ ふ き" Shizuoka "Red Fuuki": Cooking breaking news

SHUNGA Spring Exhibition @ Nagao Bunko - Daily book

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Tomoyo Anno download store also ends, Purchases requiring browsing authentication can not be played - Kensaku diary

For iOS 9 add block, "1 Blocker" is better from "Crystal"

Verification result: Mr. Hiroaki Takagi kept "WiFi share" on the back of your head, Wi-Fi password that should have been encrypted in plain text | Geekles

A story of a software engineer who does not say "I can not". | Books & Apps

Published a service that converts every web page to RSS - happyou.info's blog

Be careful when socializing at the IT study group - some day of infrastructure engineers

Joe's Labo: Lifetime Employment Banzai Declared Dwango Requires Room to Require Room

Blog of wordpress which had been operating for about 3 years disappeared momentarily after infection with the virus: usami Noriya's blog (Moved)

The musician himself developed "compatible to work" is too powerful! : Fujimoto Ken's "DTM station"

2 Chanel's ownership problem, to the court ~ Hiroyuki, obviously ownership of Jim, et al.

Proposal for HLR connection to SOFTBANK aiming for the next-generation MVNO infrastructure

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Dear Sirs, Konami. - Yukibou's Hideout on Hatena

Summary of Popular Painter in China - Just a Delusion

Kadokawa Shoten House Otaru and the "Dengeki Comic GAO!" Launched there, | Reading manga without reading the air

Such a thing, confronting a big thing in the back Image desire: philosophy news nwk

Movie 'Shin Godzilla' official website

【Interview】 "WoWS" I heard the real intention of the Asahi Flag issue. Wargaming.net HQ single interview - GAME Watch

A smooth communication skill to learn from Da Cider! NG Knight Lamune & amp; 40 - End of happiness and misfortune to offset

Because I was bored, I tried to translate Valve's New Employee Manual for around 20,000 characters - Gamer Daily Newspaper

Drifters Kyoto Ueno Memorial Period Limited Public Kyobifuko Neighborhood PV - YouTube

"Empire of the Dead" WEB Limited Final PV - YouTube

TV animation "Charlotte (Charlotte)" Episode 13 Trailer - YouTube

TV animation "Bloodfront Front Line" Final Story Announcement - YouTube

TV anime "Sound! Euphonium "extra edition notice - YouTube

Trailer of Blu-ray & amp; DVD Volume 7 Registration Extra Edition "Kaedodasu Monaka"

"Movie Detective Opera Milky Holmes Counterattack Milky Holmes" Special News - YouTube

PS 3 · PS 4 · PS Vita game "STEINS; GATE 0" Okhnan Muhi - YouTube

PS 4 / PS 3 "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven" PV 3rd - YouTube

Branching Paths: Teaser / official announcement teaser - YouTube

Toyobu Prepala 360 ° Gyuguru Movie - YouTube

"Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" Promotion Movie for TGS 2015 - YouTube

Neon Genesis Evangelion NEON GENESIS EVANGELION Blu-ray BOX, and Neon Genesis Evangelion TV Broadcasting Version ARCHIVES OF EVANGELION DVD BOX apology and announcement

● BD-BOX DISC 9 image benefits
Episode 25 "Air" (video format version)
Eye catch part in episode 26 "Magokoro to you," to you (video format version)


"Neon Genesis Evangelion Theatrical Version Sito New Generation" TV broadcast version "EVANGELION: DEATH (TRUE)",
Playing time 41 minutes 58 seconds ~ 42 minutes 04 seconds at 6 seconds (* It is time on the playing machine, there are some errors depending on the model.)

A technical mistake occurred in the work process, and the content of different cuts mixed in the upper right part of the screen at the relevant part has become the image.

Analog game, charm again crazy over generations and cultures: Kyoto Shimbun

Damn the Japanese game industry declined because game companies no longer adopt "game lovers"? - Togetter Summary

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Nihon TV who did not live the historical achievements of Japanese national team rugby, historical blindness: Market situation Kabu full force two stories

South Africa defeated! The brave men who opposed the "lossless" prediction from the whole world, seeking only victories, their name is "Brave Blossoms". : Sports See what one speaks ~ Fumo Hmo column

【Rugby World Cup Japan victory】 Even if you do not know rugby, you can see how wonderful it is. Example summary - Togetter Summary

【Rugby World Cup】 Japan national team, World Cup and more than 30% of foreign born athletes ... (1 / 3page) - Sankei news

【Rugby World Cup】 Rugby World Cup Position Commentary on a Person Who Does not Know the Rules "Talking about This is Easy to Understand!" Togetter Summary

I watched a movie "Gone Girl" that takes over as a result of uprooting Arasa girls' marriage desire. - Youkai Man Watch

I made a battle with various actresses who are similar to active professional baseball players wwwww: Daily Yakiniku

Perfume Anniversary CM - YouTube

Rugby World Cup 2015 Japan vs South Africa Victory moment (local) Rugby world cup 2015 Japan vs South Africa at the stadium - YouTube

South Africa vs Japan - 2015 Rugby World Cup Highlights - YouTube

Please let me say [to see you again]. Hokuto Akira Official Blog There is nothing out there a weigher goes through Powered by Ameba

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Azumi Nosan Scone with wasabi appeared! Crisp! And saki! And Tsun! And I taste "Japanese scones wasabi Mayo taste" born in Japan

Toldor, Marugame noodle with limited volume menu "Tar Chicken Heavy Bukkake" for a limited time only

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