What kind of presentation materials did famous startups collect money after starting up?

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While it is good to create web services etc. within the range of hobbies, when you establish a new company and do business as a business, you will need to think about money. Even if you are a renowned service in the world now, such as YouTube and accommodation rental service · Airbnb, there has been a time when you were desperately appealing to investment companies to get money. When you look at what kind of presentation materials you used at that time, you may find hints for future business.

Lessons From The Early Pitch Decks Of Airbnb, BuzzFeed, And YouTube | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Airbnb is an accommodation rental service that allows you to lend your room as a accommodation or stay in a room that another user can rent out. In case of very successful startup, the evaluation value is 25.5 billion dollars (about 3 trillion yen). It is deploying the same type of serviceHomeAwayAnd hotel chainsMarriott, Online booking site for travel ·ExpediaIt is above the valuation amount of the travel major market such as the public market.

AirBnB Pitch Deck

Airbnb stands for "AirBed & Breakfast" and was created as a service to take a local inn that is not a hotel.

What is listed first is the problem of travel. It is the price which is worrisome when trying to book an inn online. In addition, staying at a hotel leads to being separated from the culture of that town. However, it is difficult to take a local inn and it is a reality that there is no way to lend an inn.

So, when you travel you can save money, you can create money if you become a host, if you have a web platform leading to the sharing of culture by connecting the local and the town ... ... was created by Airbnb is.

The size of the market is over 1.9 billion dollars (about 228 billion yen) as a whole in "travel", of which online is about 532 million dollars (about 64 billion yen). The actual business size of Airbnb is about 10.6 million dollars (about 1.27 billion yen).

Airbnb takes 10% as a commission. In general, there is a use of 3 nights for 70 dollars a night (about 8400 yen), and on average the commission income is about 20 dollars (about 2400 yen) in one case. With this, we have earned $ 200 million (about 24 billion yen) from 2008 to 2011.

This is a comparison with competitive service. The horizontal axis shows offline on the left and online is on the right. The vertical axis is expenses, the top is cheap, the bottom is expensive. You can see that Airbnb is standing in a position where you can find cheap accommodation on-line.

Is followed, it is AppNexus that provides online advertising platform. The assessment amount is 1.2 billion dollars (about 144 billion yen), and this presentation took place from 2007 to the beginning of 2008, so the business plan at the time is different from the current business.

AppNexus' First Pitch Deck

"Infrastructure for" Connected World "is entitled.

Founder Brian O'Carey, who originally served as CTO of Right Media, also known as online advertisement, has expanded its environment from 10 servers to 1,500 units. Also, Michael Nollette, vice president of product division, was in Right Media's analysis department.

Three problems that Ocarie and others felt in Right Media are "scale", "internationalization" and "integration (integration)". For example, MySpace needs to field 1 billion impressions daily, Yahoo! Japan has servers only in Japan, we have to integrate context analysis platform in six data centers ... ....

AppNexus solved by using the cloud. You only have to use as many servers as you need, and you can do it in the cloud even if you need a new service.

However, it is not only to use the cloud but also to be more reliable, reliable, and easy to use ... so that it leads to "Nexus" as an application.

Since only one Nexus is not enough, we provide enough services with multiple Nexus, "Nexuses" all over the world that offer the same service and same application.

You earn revenue by infrastructure rent fee of 10 dollars a day (about 1200 yen) per core and a fee corresponding to the number of accesses.

BuzzFeed of viral media received a $ 200 million investment from NBC Universal and the valuation is $ 1.5 billion (about 180 billion yen). There are about 200 million page views per month, but as of 2008 it was only 2.5 million page views a month.

Buzzfeed investor deck 2008

"BuzzFeed, what on the Internet is popular?"

Since it is the 2008 material, it was 2.5 million PV / 700,000 unique views per month.

The goal is to increase the number of people, and to build a revenue model by creating your own advertising platform.

A new BuzzFeed style that was thought at the time.

It is considered to monetize on sites, promotion with widgets and advertisements, etc.

I am aiming for a good point of "media (media)" and "advertisement".

LinkedIn of a business specialized type SNS that knows what kind of company the person was in the past in the past, where he is working now. Originally it was advocating "professional people search 2.0".

Linkedin Series B Pitch Deck

The materials are those of August 2004.

We have launched three axes from the beginning, targeted advertisement on the search · profile screen, job listing advertisement, and subscription advertisement to join the professional network from the beginning.

Previously there was no effective and reliable service connecting people with work.

It is something like a job seeker from a dictionary. It is LinkedIn who thought that it could somehow solve it by utilizing the Internet.

For example, "Web 2.0 version" of an online listing where you can find what you want is eBay.

PayPal for online payment service.

Speaking of search Google.

Just like those, 'LinkedIn changes everything'.

As of February 2004, it occupied 54% of the online recruitment market LinkedIn.

It grew to 74% in August 2004.

The horizontal axis of this figure is social on the left side and professional side on the right side. On the vertical axis is the Internet service model, the bottom is the enterprise software model. LinkedIn is the market leader who is growing at 29,000 people a week, with more than 800,000 users.

YouTube, a popular video distribution service that no longer knows what was not known, initially had less than 10,000 users and days were less than 100,000 PV a day. From there, 7 billion videos a day will be revived as a service, in 2006Google acquired 1.65 billion dollars (about 195 billion yen at that rate).

Although there are documents below, the things of the four companies so far were presentation materials with illustrations and illustrations, while those on YouTube are text based materials.

Botha on YouTube

Gus Tai of Trinity Ventures who has seen numerous startups advises us that if we can not tell investors to understand how different they are, we will be forgotten.

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