What is pest control using "ant" as effective as pesticide?


Pesticides are commonly used to protect agricultural crops from pests, but pesticides contain substances that are harmful to the human body, as well as the cost of purchasing human resources and agricultural chemicals for spraying pesticides. The method of pest control using "ant" that the same effect as that pesticide was obtained and the pest can be exterminated without permission at will without permission was clarified by the research of Aarhus University.

Ants are as effective as pesticides

As the world population is increasing, the population of farmers tends to decline, so modern agriculture is required to control pests without work and a sustainable new way. According to ecologists' announcing measures to control pests using ants, they are safe, cost-effective and automatically sustainable because they do not use chemicals.

Dr. Joachim Offenberg, an ecologist at the University of Aarhus, who announced measures to control pests using ants has been working on ants for 20 years. Dr. Offenberg investigated for pest control by "Zum GearIt is an ant of a tropical species which inhabits the nest with rounded leaves on the tree called "Tempura". This ant was chosen because Zum Giari has an ecology that protects nests made near flowers and fruits from insect pests and plays a role as a natural pest controller in tropical areas.

To use Zum Giary as an agricultural chemical, we first gather the nest of the wild Zum Gear. When putting the collected nest in a plastic bag, hooking it on crops and giving sugar water, Zum Giari will start building a new nest in agricultural crops. Once the nest is completed, connecting other agricultural crops and agricultural crops with cords or wooden vines will become 'ant trail' and will come and go between the crops to exterminate the pests. Be careful not to connect with a tree with another nest so as not to fight, and to give a little moisture during the dry season. If you hang a plastic bottle from a tree, you can let the inside take up moisture and it seems that it takes little labor.


In the research by Dr. Offenberg, it is particularly effective in controlling pests gathering in cashew and mango. Compared with the data on pest control with pesticides, the ant patrol increased the crop yield by 49%, the quality of the harvested nuts improved, the profit also increased by 71%. Surveys using ants at mango also showed the same or better effect than pesticides, improved the quality of the actual, and the result that the profit increased by 73%.

"Ali's technology is less expensive than pesticides, and it exerts an effect equal to or better than pesticides," explains Dr. Offenberg. However, the nest of Zumgari requires a leaf canopy (hissashi), warning that the range of use is restricted to tropical forestry, so it is not a panacea. In Europe it is famous for pest control using European red fangs and it is possible to use it for pest control of annual crops such as corn and sugar cane if it is an ant inhabiting the ground.


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