"DeNA Infinity Theater" in which the final fantasy characters spin mysterious moments in an endlessly fantasy space covered with mirrors

Venture company from Tokyo University "Team Lab"Infinity Theater" is an immersive theater system that projects video content into an everlasting mysterious space created by a special mirror covered space. Utilizing this,DeNAExpresses a new world of its own content "FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper" "Sentiment - SENTAMA -" "Reverse Ocelonia"DeNA Infinity Theater"Tokyo Game Show 2015It is exhibited at the venue.

Tokyo Game Show 2015 DeNA Infinity Theater | Team Lab / teamLab

DeNA Infinity Theater is a pure white box-shaped booth like this.

The booth is in "7 - C04".

In DeNA Infinity Theater, DeNA and three games "FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper" provided by SQUARE ENIX and "Sengoku simulation RPG" SOUTH - SENTAMA - ", a new title titled" Reverse Oscillania " You can experience the world.

Although the screening time is about 5 minutes, the screening content is rotated by 3 pieces. This time I will participate in the "FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper" meeting and see how inside is inside.

Before entering the booth, three cards were presented from the clerk, so I picked one and entered.

Inside is like this, and more than one mirror is installed on the wall, directing a fantastic ambience not to say anything.

In the center of the booth is a huge round table

The center of the table shines ......

Light scatters to the mirror on the wall. The mirror diffusely reflects and the effect being projected in the booth infinitely jumps around in the mirror.

Screening starts in the middle of that. First I will place a card that I got before entering the square shining part of the table.

People who entered the booth received different cards, and cards can be arranged in a circle like this.

The card shines gently ... ...

Final fantasy characters appeared from the card.

Then we move to the wall from the top of the table and fly around the mirror.

You can see how the inside of "DeNA Infinity Theater" looks at the following movie.

Final fantasy characters jump out of the cards "DeNA Infinity Theater" - YouTube

I did not see anything yet from Tina's card that I placed ....

It appeared together with Aeris.

It feels like a mirror reflection projection mapping.

Aerith · Tina · Jitan · Sads

Bibi Butts · Cloud · Yuna

Lydia Cecil (Paladin) · Light Warrior · Sephiroth

The game screen of the successive Final Fantasy series is swinging and swinging ......

"It is a story of the world that is made up of" memory "of FINAL FANTASY."

Numerous Final Fantasy series appearance characters marching greatly


The space inside "DeNA Infinity Theater" is a very mysterious space, and within five minutes of the show time it will pass in a moment while being fascinated by fantastic light. If you get tired of the crowds of the Tokyo Game Show, it may not be bad to taste the magical video experience slowly for only 5 minutes with "DeNA Infinity Theater".

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