When I drink coffee before going to bed, my biological clock shifts and "I can not wake up" accelerates

ByAaron Geller

Take a nap as soon as you drink coffee and immediately wake up after waking up in 20 minutes "Coffee napAlthough there is a technique called "a cup of coffee," it became clear that there is an effect that makes the body clock wrong even if it is just one cup of coffee.

Effects of caffeine on the human circadian clock in vivo and in vitro | Science Translational Medicine

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The team of Dr. Tina M. Burke of the University of Colorado at Boulder each asked five subjects, "Before going to bed, to have tablets filled with 2 espresso caffeine 3 hours before going to bed" I take a bright light on my face "" I drink placebo "at random. "To be exposed to light" is because it is known that the sleep cycle is delayed.

ByAna Sofia Guerreirinho

The experiment was conducted over 49 days, and as a result, the group who drank caffeine said the biological clock was delayed about 40 minutes (it shifted behind). By the way, the biological clock of the person who took the light shifted by a factor of 80, and a person who received both caffeine and light 105 minutes shifted. Dr. Timothy Roehrs who studies sleep medicine at Henry Ford Hospital explains this phenomenon, "For those who are sleeping at 11 o'clock, bedtime will be midnight." This leads to a cycle of going to sleep late and it makes it hard for you to wake up in the morning extra ... ....

By Rae Allen

"Caffeine is a legal and widely consumed drug, but there is also a psychoactive effect like this," Dr. Bark said. Various research on caffeine is underway, but progress of research is expected, as there are parts that the understanding of the biological clock's rhythm etc. is not yet understood.

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