Approach a skilled workmen who handles making firewood (Tukigi) which is over 100,000 yen per one

A movie that shows the appearance of a firewood craftsman who carefully creates fine firewood that is smooth and feels smell when turning on fire one by one manuallyMaker Series: Artisanal Firewood"Is on sale. The sticking firewood is sold for about $ 1000 (about 120,000 yen), but it is a convincing price when you look at the fineness of work.

Maker Series: Artisanal Firewood - This Is That - YouTube

A wood-fired craftsman with warm wood.

A man came into the workshop.

A material cut roughly of wood, which is a material of high grade firewood, is placed in the workshop.

Jesse Horn, a firewood craftsman, grew up surrounded by forests, firewood, fireplaces, etc. since childhood, and it seems that life with firewood is stained with her.

However, when becoming an adult, I noticed that only low-quality firewoods are on the market, and I started a company specializing in firewood "Smoke & Flame" because I want to regain skilled craftsmanship in the production of firewood It was. Smoke & Flame is the only company in North America that manufactures and sells firewood by hand.

Take the wood in your hand.

When I find the decoration on the surface ......

I will cut it with woodwork fleas.

This is making small firewood.

I will scrape fine spurs and blow them away with my breath.

Sprinkle water on big wood by spraying.

Rubbing the soap on a tree with scrapes ......

Wash with a shabu-shabu in a bucket filled with water.

Jesse sipping fragrance of firewood.

While scraping fine scallops on the surface with something like a sculpture sword, I will pay the brush with wood chips.

Then wash with water and dry on the shelf.

Once you arrange the surface, leave it once.

The shop opens in the morning.

Firstly, clean the workbench with a brush.

Determine the timber used for firewood. Looking from a distance ...

Looking closer.

I will leave the wood usable at the edge of the desk.

"When choosing wood to be the material of firewood, we are only looking at the wood that is the most wonderful firewood in the world," Jesse says about firewood making while doing arms.

A little scraping off the edge of the wood ......

I smell the fragrance of wood and see if it is suitable for firewood.

Jesse also confirmed the fragrance.

"Each shape of wood is different, each has personality, we value the story of one firewood."

Jesse who is seriously involved.

Carl, who is training at Jesse's workshop to become a firewood craftsman, says, "I am a great feeling to work with Jesse, he is an artist."

Next to Jesse's gaze ... ...

Carl practicing to wash the wood with the jabjub.

Jesse's firewood is shipped after all the fine adjustments have been completed over a long period of time.

"We want to combine the huge old heritage with the latest technology in order to make good quality firewood," Jesse says.

After arranging the surface, spray the water again by spraying ......

I painted something like solid oil.

Include fragrance in cotton, soak in wood with knocking with pom - pon.

Peel the raw ginger ... ...

Check the fragrance.

It seems that ginger rubs on the surface of wood and is impregnating scent.

Firewood after the processing is carried to the sales floor using special hardware.

Sprinkle the tip of metal fittings at both ends of firewood ......


I will pick up firewood and carry it to the sales department.

Completed with a price tag attached. The value of 1,200 dollars (about 140,000 yen) was attached to the firewood reflected in the image.

A visitor came to the shop. Carl says, "People who are accustomed to wood being stacked for about 6 dollars (about 700 yen) in the corner of the gas station are a long time and troublesome work made by craftsmen manually, firewood I will be surprised if you learn about that. "

The customers seemed to choose 4 thousand firewoods (about 60,000 yen).

When purchasing Smoke & Flame firewood, it is wrapped in a special paper on which the shop's logo is written and handed over.

It is also work of a firewood craftsman to carry firewood to the customer's car.

"Customers who come to the shop will not be caught up by the price of firewood and they will be pleased to get high quality firewood," a shaky handshake with the customers.

Shaking hands even at the workshop after finishing a good job. This movie is published by the Canadian Broadcaster Association (CBC) "This is that"It was made as a work of a parody series depicting the nationality of Canada within a program called" a company that sells fine wood firewoods is not real. "

In Northern Europe Norway the public broadcaster NRK broadcasts 12 hours of wood-burning special program, of which 8 hours was "only firewood is burning in a fireplace", the viewing rate was 20%RecordedThe surprising result is coming out. Also, in the United States there is a program that continues to flow only the firewood firewood burning on Christmas night, some of the show can be seen from the following.

WPIX Announcement Of New Fourth Hour - YouTube

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