"FAIRY TAIL" Animation DVD and Mashima HIRO Drawing Illustrations Illustrations Published "Monthly FAIRY TAIL Collection" which collects goods for use

Manga of Hiroshi Mashima "FAIRY TAIL"Is a weekly Shonen magazine started serializing in 2006. The TV animation series that began in October 2009 ended once in March 2013, but the broadcast began again from April 2014, as of September 16, 2015, until 250 episodes have been broadcast is. The four episodes of the animated cartoon are put together in DVD 1 volume, and further two new series works etc. are attachedMonthly FAIRY TAIL magazine"Was published from July 2014 for 1 year and 1 month, but from September 2015 it will renew it as" Monthly FAIRY TAIL Collection ". Since I was asked Kodansha to send the finished product to what form it changed, I checked it thoroughly.

Monthly FAIRYTAIL Collection

The package of Vol.1 is based on red, and natsu & happy is drawn. Since the size is only slightly larger than the DVD case, it is possible to arrange it next to the monthly FAIRY TAIL magazine so far.

The back of the package looks something like this.

The feature of monthly FAIRY TAIL collection is that goods using Mr. Mashima drawing down illustration comes with it.

Vol.1 is Lucy's acrylic key holder, nut & happy rubber strap, gray can badge.

The 227th episode "New Adventure Morning" to the 230th episode "Devil Return" is included in the DVD. In addition, as a picture benefit, there is a dialogue between Mr. Aya Hirano and Director Shinji Ishpire as a role of Lucy, and color setting materials collection.

The enclosed poster is the size of 8 DVD packages.

The next issue will be released around 2 months, around November 17 (Tuesday). In addition to DVDs and original goods, a booklet of 16 pages comes along.

Goods come with every issue, Vol.2 is Ruby's rubber strap, Lacusus acrylic key holder, Jubian's can badge. Also, an original tote bag "fascinating place" (about 40 cm × about 38 cm) is also prepared as a gift for all applicants for those who purchased consecutively from Vol.1 to Vol.6.

Monthly FAIRY TAIL collection is 2759 yen tax excluded, Vol.1 is released September 17 (Thu).

© Hiroshi Mashima / Kodansha / Fairy Tale Production Committee · TV Tokyo

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