Taste of 6 missed Halloween new products including missed pumpkin and purple pot cream filled "Pon de Sho Donut"

From Tuesday, September 15, 2015, you can enjoy a new texture like a combination of Pon de Ring and cream puff from Mister DonutsPon de Sho Donuts", Or a crackling cookie dough that has shaped a Jack LanternMiss Jack Lantern", Halloween limited"Pon de Pumpkin"Has appeared. Because it is a lineup that can be enjoyed with the flavor conscious of the Halloween season, I actually went to the shop and ate it.

Missed Halloween | New Item | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

"Purimo & Cookie Cream", "Pumpkin & Cookie Cream", "Custard & Cookie Cream" and "Pon de Pumpkin" of "Pon de Sho Donuts" ... ...

I ordered "Pumpkin Yellow" and "Chocolate" of "Miss Jack Lantern".

When all the missed Halloween donuts line up, the atmosphere is gorgeous.

First of all, it comes from three kinds of "Pon de Sho donuts". It is one set with two.

Each lid was designed like a Halloween. It seems that it is impossible to close the lid with decorations to the last.

Let's eat "Pon de Sho Donut Cookie Cream" which is one of three kinds of Pon de Sho donuts. It is about the size of the larger Takoyaki, with chocolate cream and powdered sugar sprinkled on the surface.

As all the cream is injected from the bottom, careful not to let the cream inadvertently jump out down when eating.

When I tried it, a cream containing round granular cookies appeared from the texture of a crisp texture like Pon de Ring. You can enjoy the smooth cream sweetness and crisp texture. A donut of a new sense that you can eat like a pu-de-ring like a cream puff.

"Pon de Sho donuts purple potato" is coated with a purple potato glaze and coconut is applied.

When I tried to break it with a hand, the cloth of Pon de Sho donut had elasticity at first glance, and the glaze was shattered and spilled, so it is the correct answer that I gotta bite into one's mind. It contained a hidden purple pot cream and it was a donut that feels autumn.

This is "Pon de Sho Donut Pumpkin." Pumpkin seed crushed on the surface coated with pumpkin-flavored glaze, and looks like Halloween feeling.

Inside was pumpkin cream that feels a rich pumpkin flavor.

"Pon de Sho Donut Custard" was a chocolate coating, with crushed almonds crunched to the top.

The cactus cream fragrant vanilla smelled out eating cucumbers. Although it is the lightest flavor of the three types, it is a different texture from cream puff, so there is a response to eating.

Jack Lanterns who were subsequently packed on the plate.

"Mised Jack Lantern Chocolate" in hand, it is comparatively large compared with the palm of a man.

Cookie fabric is visible on the back.

When eating, there is not a sense of crispness as pretzels, a texture crisp. Chocolate is also partly filled with white chocolate. Although it has a strong impact, it is just right for tea request.

"Miss Jack Lantern Pumpkin Yellow" is coated with a glaze whose surface is pumpkin-flavored.

The crunchy texture is still alive here. The surface is particularly crisp, you can enjoy the different texture depending on the place, such as the part that breaks when you snatch and the soft part at the center only.

Finally "Pon de Pumpkin". The surface is a pumpkin-flavored glaze, finished with chocolate cream and pumpkin seed from the top.

The cloth of Pon de Ring tends to stretch as she tries.

If I eat a piece, it is supposed to be the same pumpkin glaze, but I felt a flavor like Mitarashi dumpling with pumpkin, because it is thinly coated.

The price of "Pon de Sho Donut Purple and Cookie Cream", "Pumpkin & Cookie Cream", "Custard & Cookie Cream" prices are 194 yen per tax, "Misudo Jack Lantern Pumpkin Yellow" "Choco" 140 yen each tax , "Pon de Pumpkin" is 151 yen including tax. In addition, Hello Kitty BOX which can pack five donuts / pie of your choice with Halloween series donuts is also available. The price is 1080 yen and you can choose 3 kinds of towels.

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