Trolley in Yukimi Daifuku I tried "Yukimi Daifuku Musume Bliss" that wrapped soft raw chocolate and raw caramel

For the autumn / winter limited ice "Yukimi Daifu", plain vanilla ice in addition to plainStrawberryYaMatchaFlavors such as are appearing for a limited time. 2015 confined raw chocolate and raw caramel in the middle of ice "Yukimi Daifukuro blissfully"To join the series, to experience the melting flavor, I actually purchased and tried it.

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With melting flavor, we will guide the person who eats to moment of bliss! "Yukimi Daifuku Blissful Bliss" Series released nationwide from September 7, 2015 (Monday)!
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Yukimi Daifuku The Blissful Bliss series is in a box with a mature design that is based on deep blue and orange, rather than normal Yukami Daifuku.

"Yukimi Daifuku blissfully chocolateIs wrapped in raw chocolate with ice with vanilla beans. One "Yukimi Daifuku mellow blossom caramel"I was wrapping raw caramel with ice containing rock salt from Lorraine.

Raw materials for 'Yukimi Daifu Musume Blissful Chocolate' are confectionary, raw chocolate, dairy products, sugar, vegetable oils, syrup and so on. There are nine small-sized Yukimi Daifuku in one box.

Calorie is 58 kcal per piece, so if you eat all the boxes, it is 522 kcal.

Raw materials of "Yukimi Daifuku melting mellow caramel" are rice pastry, caramel sauce, vegetable fat and oil, sugar, starch syrup and so on.

As with raw chocolate, the calories are 58 kcal per piece.

When taking it out of the box, Yukimi Daifuku put in a square tray appeared.

It's a mini size that fits snugly into the palm of your hand when you take it. It is about half the size compared with Yukimi Daifuku which is two of normal.

First of all, I will try to eat it from "Yukimi Daifuku melting chocolate". When cutting it in half with a kitchen knife, it can be confirmed that raw chocolate is contained in the center of vanilla ice wrapped in rice cake fabric.

Raw chocolate is soft enough to melt at body temperature when it is included in the mouth, bitter cacao bites are felt firmly, good compatibility with ice cream which dusts dough and vanilla beans fragrant slightly. When eating only the raw chocolate part, you can feel a mysterious rich taste that is incomprehensible, unlike ordinary chocolate, in a leisurely sweetness. Lotte'sProduct introductionAccording to him, secret hidden taste is used for raw chocolate.

"Yukimi Daifuku melting mellow caramel" is packed in a square tray as well.

When cutting it in half, there was plenty of dark brown raw caramel in the center.

The caramel part at room temperature is so soft that it begins to melt, and when eating it is a smooth mouthfeel. The rich sweetness that caramel has lost is exquisitely balanced with the salty of the rock salt contained in vanilla ice.

"Yukimi Daifuku blissfully bliss" series is 453 yen including tax each, it is possible to purchase at supermarkets etc. throughout the country.

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