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"Carfiber made wallet to tickle man's heart · iPhone 6 case"RC Fibers in the United States, which handles products using carbon fiber, has become a regular practice to send products to GIGAZINE Editorial Department every time a new work appears, but again" Carbon Fiber I made an iPhone 6 case made by "Money Clip", "Pen made from Titanium" etc, so I carefully looked at the result.

RC Fibers: Carbon fiber products for men.

So, from RC Fibers, items arrived in boxes, private bags and leather cases arrived.

◆ Carbon Fiber iPhone 6/6 Plus Case "EthosV With Cutout"
What was in the black box was the ultra-light, iPhone 6/6 Plus case "EthosV With Cutout" made of carbon fiber, protecting the main body with 10 times the strength of iron.

I tried installing it. Very light while wearing a case, it is a pleasant time not to compromise the thinness of the iPhone 6.

The back side looks like this, the texture unique to carbon fiber is cool. RCFibers also sells the iPhone 6/6 Plus case named "EthosV", but this seems to be a subtype version with different incision designs at the top and bottom.

I wore both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Design that does not impair access to speaker, charging, earphone jack, etc.

Volume buttons and switches can be operated as they are.

It will not cover the camera or flash.

The power button can also be pushed without problems.

When you look up, you can see that carbon fiber is woven.

Weight is only 12 g for iPhone 6 by actual measurement.

It is 16 g for iPhone 6 Plus.

◆ Simple wallet combining a money clip and a card case "Hybrid Wallet"
Among the boxed items ......

There were 4 color wallets.

All of the wallets have metal clips, but there are things that are bundled with carbon fiber made money clips, and they can be reassigned to those you like. The material of the main body is synthetic leather, but the brand logo has been pressed, it has become a design with a high-class feeling.

When opening the wallet it is like this. You can choose from 4 colors, light green, light blue, red, black.

There are 4 card pockets in all.

It will look like this when you put money in between. It is just right if we fold in Japan if it is Japanese paper money.

The weight is 41 g with the metal clip attached.

When changing to carbon fiber clip it becomes 31 g, again the characteristic of lightweight carbon fiber stands out.

Because it is compact, it is bulky even if put in the front pocket of trousers, and it is possible to go out with a few cards such as a credit card, IC card and so on, with the necessary amount of paper money in between. Since there is no coin insertion, it is ok if you put small change in your pocket. Ideal for those who want to go out with only the minimum necessary.

◆ Money clip made of carbon fiber
It was in a white bag printed with RCFibers' brand logo ... ...

Money clip made of carbon fiber. It is a product for those who no longer need Saifu, only some cash if only it is enough.

Looking at Japanese notes folded in half, it looks like this. You can put banknotes together in a pocket. Because there is not enough force for pinching only a couple of bills, if you fold it in ten or ten fold it will hold firmly when you pinch it.

As it is a little smaller if it is a Euro note, even if you fold in half, you can quickly put it in your pocket. Use it instead of Saifu when traveling overseas, it is useful as well.

There is also a wide money clip, which can also be used with cards and paper money sandwiched at the same time.

◆ Titanium pen "Helios 22"
The pen made of titanium boasting the highest intensity weight ratio among the metal elements is "Helios 22". It is attached from "22" which is the metal atomic number of titanium. It is in a dedicated leather case.

Taking out it looks like this.

I opened the cap. The core is not in the state from the beginning.

There is a small protrusion on the pen's butt. Because it is not a stylus pen, be careful not to hurt the display.

It all becomes like this if it all falls apart.

French high-end writing instrument brand "Parker"Replacement core is included.

Can be used as a ballpoint pen after inserting a replacement core.

It seems to be good for those who want to have one pen with a sense of quality, as adult entertainment.

So, although many carbon fiber products are lightweight enough to be thought of as lighter than plastic, they should not be broken immediately because they have ten times the strength of iron. If you have one, it seems to be usable for a long time.

The carbon fiber iPhone case "EthosV With Cutout" is on sale on the following page. The price is $ 39.99 for iPhone 6 (about 4800 yen), for iPhone 6 Plus $ 44.99 (about 5400 yen).

Ethos V Carbon Fiber style iphone 6 iphone 6+ case - RCFibers

"Hybrid Wallet" that combines money clip and wallet is $ 24.99 (about 3000 yen) with metal clip and $ 39.99 (about 4800 yen) with carbon fiber clip. Both are sale prices at the time of article creation.

Hybrid Wallet Carbon Fiber Money Clip Wallet by RCFiber - RCFibers

Of two types of carbon fiber made money clip, "Veneer.Xs" which is narrow width is $ 17.99 (about 2100 yen).

Veneer.Xs - RCFibers

The thick "Veneer With Tabs" is $ 23.99 (about 2900 yen).

Veneer - RCFibers

Titanium ballpoint pen "Helios 22" can be purchased for $ 59.99 (about 7200 yen). It is required about 10 dollars (about 1200 yen) as an extra shipping fee.

Helios 22 - RCFibers

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