Outdoor festival where money can not be used, electricity and gas create a city limited to one week from zero in the desert "Burning man" 2015 is like this

Tens of thousands of people gathered from all over the world created a fictional city with a diameter of 2.4 km in a remote desert without electricity and gas, under the "gift" culture without any money, Performing all kinds of expressive acts such as parties and yoga, healing, art production, baking bread, skydiving, scenic flight on Cessna aircraft is "Burning Man(Burning Man)"is.

Participants of Burning Man 2015About 70 thousand peopleIt is seen. Every year different themes are listed, but in 2015 the theme of "Mirror and Mask" and "Maze and Fusion" was the theme that fits the carnival's classic style. "Carnival of MirrorsBurning man in 2015 named "The Carnival of the Mirror" says "In the world full of media products, people, consumption activities, heart interactions between people and people are deformed? I asked whom I was fooled by a fraudster and who is I who can find the true self? "It is an expression of Burning Man's attitude that makes business acts obligatory did.

That is why the summary movie is released as to what the burning man of 2015 was like.

Burning Man 2015 - Carnival Of Mirrors - YouTube

The movie starts from a fantastic evening sight that one building's shadow can be seen in a widely desert.

The burning man is held in the imaginary city "Black Rock City" with a diameter of 2.4 km, where people's works from all over the world are listed.

What is stretching to the sky ... ...

A giant statue like a female figure. As there is only a large space to show, the size of the exhibit is also out of the standard.

Black Rock City is too wide to walk by walking, so it is common to move by bicycle or vehicle.

Even if it is called a vehicle, there are various sizes and shapes, not only a car but also cat-shaped buses and huge tricycles.

People moving into the mouth of the fish.

Since the vehicle is wandering around that side, you can say "Ride ~" and get in and say OK. Of course, money is unnecessary, unlike buses running through the streets.

If there are exhibits of type that you enjoy watching "people who support huge beards" ......

There are also experienced exhibits such as swings.

Beyond the gate in the center of Black Rock City, the symbol of Burning Man "The Man"

From the bottom it turns out that it is considerably huge.

Of course not to mention day, even more exciting at night. As the temperature rises considerably during the day, many people spend a relaxing time, but sometimes it will be cooler at night, and various events and parties are held at night.

A man holding a big hammer.

When I hammer down the machine in front of me ......

The graduation gradually rises.

A man who pleases fire spewing from the top of the top. Apparently it looks like an aggressive version of the hammer game at the game center etc.

Besides that, a flame shooting game done with the momentum of burning everything ......

Interactive exhibits that respond to human movements as well. While the man bends down, the flame is small ... ...

When I opened my arms, the flame increased high.

Something like a huge skeletal specimen.

Fire dance.

Octopus that burns fire.

The car will also be flashy.

Since there are no street lights and people and bicycles are hard to see unless lights are attached, wearing lights is also essential for accident prevention.

I found a big sign called "THUNDERDOME (Thunderdome)".

There is a crowd on the dome-type steel frame.

What I am doing inside ... ...

A fierce battle where the body and the body collided with each other was spreading.

I am fighting in the form of a demon.

On the other hand, there were people resting chilly under the colorful ceiling.


Two people back to back

In the burning man the symbol "The Man"As a place where people pray and relax,"Temple(Temple) "will be made. Depending on the year, the design is varied, castle-like and pyramid-like, but in 2015 it is an abstract atmosphere like a gate.

There was also a work of atmosphere like Chinese atmosphere.

People in a dancing party.

It looked like this at night.

And the last night the burning man is held, the huge 'The Man' symbol is burned. Fireworks are rising ......

Various performances are performed in the surroundings.

The man gave a fire ... ...


It melts with melamella.

And at the end Batari and the man collapsed and finished.

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