Garlic & Nira burned meat with sesame sauce and udon after eating udon After having eaten udon, "Taiwan Mixed Udon Garlic Serving + Chasing Rice" has been eaten with noodles udon

"Taiwan Mashoba" is to eat the mince of Taiwanese ramen finished in exciting hotness with egg yolk etc. together with thick noodles without juice. From 10th September 2015 (Thursday), finish the Taiwan minced chili of Taiwan Mild Soba mildly and eat it with rice cake udon and eat garlic and new leeky new menu "Taiwanese mound udon"Appeared for a limited time from noodle udon. I was able to eat 'chasing meal' which can put rice into the remaining meat saggle, so I went to Nadaru Udon and tried it.

Hana Naruhashi 2015 | The Udon noodles

I arrived at the Nadaru udon.

Before the store, there was a climb to inform "Taiwan Mixed Udon".

I will tell the order directly to the staff. This time I made "Taiwan Mixed Udon Udon Garlic Served + Chasing Rice (middle)". When you care garlic, you can order even without garlic.

That's why I received 'Taiwan Maharugaku garlic serving + chasing me (middle)'.

Udon version of "Taiwanese Massoba" containing minced meat, egg yolk, raw leek, leeks, fish meal, chopped glue, fried with special spicy tempura with hot spicy texture with spicy texture. In case of garlic, about 1 cup of grated garlic will be added.

Mix all the ingredients first.

Grated garlic is comfortably in, so please be careful as it is completely out in lunch etc at work.

It all became like this all together. I was worried whether minced sauce was entangled with the whole udon, but sauce and egg yolk entangled with sauce evenly without any surplus.

Fish meal and garlic give out a scent that invites appetite very much. When you eat udon, "Taiwan Minchi" is a rich flavor of soy sauce, but there is no bitterness. Together with the flavor of garlic and chives, the intense flavor of the super gutsy system. Every time I eat it I feel like more and more stamina will follow.

Taiwan Meshba has a culture of adding "chasing" to the remaining mince and eating it, and you can turn champagne even if umenu udon. I thought that mince was insufficient for chasing, so I tried chasing after udon.

Together with udon, it seems that rice and sauce and chives are involved plentily.

Soy sauce base special sauce or fish meal that garlic has done so far can not be incompatible with rice, and the rice cookies go on.

It is OK even if you eat with udon with brine. As the sauce was tangled all over with rich flavoring, of course it is okay to chase after dinner.

Because sauce and mince are often entangled rice meal, rice is recommended to eat morimori using rice gruel. Because you can eat plenty of udon and rice, the volume is perfect. You can be satisfied when you want to eat cold noodles and mush rice in any case Gattsuri Taiwanese muddy noodles and garlic rice, so you can choose garlic serving and garlic disposal according to your situation.

In addition, the price of "Taiwanese Mush Udon" is all tax included, small is 580 yen, medium is 680 yen, there is no large size. The price of "Taiwan Mixed Udon Garlic Serve + Chasing Rice" is 680 yen for small and 780 yen for medium.

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