It is reported that Amazon plans to release a Fire tablet with a discount of 6000 yen

The Wall Street Journal(WSJ) reports that Amazon is due to release a cheap tablet terminal with $ 50 (about 6000 yen). There is no reason for Amazon to sell Cheap Tablet, there seems to be a big aim here.

Amazon to Release $ 50 Tablet as It Struggles to Sell Pricier Devices - WSJ

According to WSJ, the tablet terminal under which Amazon is planning to release within the year will be equipped with a 6-inch display and the price will be nearly half of the cheapest model of the current tablet Fire series.

In order to realize the discount price of 6000 yen, the terminal is thoroughly cost cutting, for example, WSJ that the speaker is expected to be monaural. It is a price with little benefit with tablet alone, but the aim is not to raise profits by hardware sales, but is seen as increasing users and prime members of paid streaming broadcasting such as Amazon video.

It is considered that there are a certain number of users seeking an inexpensive tablet terminal in a divided way that "it is good if you can see a streaming movie", and take in this audience and make use of various services of Amazon such as a streaming movie So, it is the purpose of Amazon to make a profit as a total. It is unknown whether this Amazon strategy will succeed, but it is likely to give a big impact by being a cheaper tablet terminal than the Kindle series.

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