Wikipedia was added to the list of prohibited sites in Russia and it was impossible to browse, what was the cause?


Against Google, Twitter, FacebookService stop warningIn Russia that I have done, a situation occurred that Wikipedia could not be browsed. The Washington Post reports on why Wikipedia that most Internet users have used and why Wikipedia that can be normally browsed in many countries other than Russia was banned from viewing.

Russia's war with Wikipedia - The Washington Post

Prosecutors of the town of Chyorny Yar in Russia said that "Wikipedia'sCharasI wondered whether the content of the article about the bad influence would affect the inhabitants of the town, "he said. He raised an appeal to the District Court for deletion of the article.

Character means cannabis resin, the corresponding article describes how to make a challenge, the Russian Federation Drug Distribution Supervisory Authority confirmed that the content of the article is illegal. The district court ruled in July 2015 a prosecutor's appeal, and the Russian Federation Communication, Information Technology and Media Office Supervisory Authority requested the provider to block the article on August 24. However, because of security reasons, Wikipedia uses HTTPS protocol which can not be blocked on a page basis, so providers could not block only relevant articles.

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In response to the fact that the article is unblockable, the Supervisor requested the Russian provider to block all pages of Wikipedia by adding Wikipedia to the list of prohibited sites. Wikipedia took the matter seriously and edited the contents rather than deleting the page of Chalas, but it seems that it was blocked from the Russian Internet on the evening of August 24, and Wikipedia can not be viewed from Russia .

In response to the decision of the Russian government, Russian Electronic Communication Association Karen Kazalyan criticized the Russian government "Russian authorities have deviated from Wikipedia sanctions by authority." However, there is an opinion that "The problem is the law, the Russian government has only complied with the laws and ordinances".

For Russian Internet users, the lockout of Wikipedia was unacceptable, but on the next 26th the inspection bureau decided to exclude Wikipedia from the list of forbidden sites in response to the article being edited, and on 26th You can now browse it as usual.

It was in 2012 that the Russian government asked Wikipedia to delete drugs and articles of suicide, but this time it was the first time that I blocked Wikipedia. However, when the ruling party in Russia proposed the revised draft information in 2012, Wikipedia has suspended its service on its own for 24 hours with the meaning of protest.

Russia's bullish attitude toward the Internet has spanned Reddit on the bulletin board as well. In the case of Reddit, it was added to the list of forbidden sites due to the thread described about the cultivation method of magic mushrooms containing illegal ingredients, and it was blocked from Russia for a short period of time. In this case Reddit regulated access to the article from Russia, so it is excluded from the list of prohibited sites.

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