Nine scientific methods to do to maximize the efficiency of study

ByRubbertoe (Robert Batina)

Even if it says to "study" in one wordThere are various ways of learningHowever, in the first place, the movie which summarizes the points such as "what kind of environment should studies be done" and "what time of day it is efficient to do"The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips"is. In order to save waste and maximize productivity, the points of study that can be practiced even today can be released.

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips - YouTube

First of all, research from the past knows that it is more efficient to repeat study in a short period of time, rather than just studying for a long time.

That is to say that it is more effective to continue studying 30 minutes a day for several weeks, rather than doing 10 hours of study at a stroke. Overnight picking is a bad study method.

This is due to the mechanism of synapses. Although synapses are used in information transmission in the brain, synapses transmit information by repeating short-term sessions, so it is said that repeating studies will make transmission work smoother and synapse itself thicker.

Since the effectiveness of iteration can be said about "learning" itself, not only for studying towards the desk, but also for music playing and exercise.

There are also studies that 60% of college students who studied even all night got poor grades. Moreover, the decisiveness and the memory decline are not only the next day, it is said that it was seen for four days after that.

Instead, if you create a routine that "only study at a fixed place during the day, fixed place", productivity will be improved. Just like "to sit on a chair in a kitchen and expect a meal" or "relax upon sitting on a living room sofa", you will be more likely to focus on "studying with this desk and chair."

Underlining and coloring important parts is a waste of time.

Cutting out only words or sentences does not help understanding the topic at all because it can not grasp the mutual relationship and the whole of them.

On the other hand,Flash cardIt helps to remember things.

Flash cards write some important terms on the surface of the card and on the back are written definitions of terms written on the surface and items on demand. You can learn efficiently by practicing explaining the definition from the term in idle time, as doing associative games.

It is also recommended to set a goal for studying. If you make a goal such as "Remember 30 words" "You will be able to explain about this formula", you can clearly see how far you have progressed.

Also, regarding a certain thing, one group learned with "a combination of study and test" and the other group learned with "a combination of study and other students teaching", the group taught to other students There are also research results that the grades were good.

By teaching people, it is possible to organize information more logically and structurally and to gain better understanding.

Of course, practical actions of solving problems and reading back books are also important.

By doing practical actions including tests, you can know what you know and what is missing.

Furthermore, if you can produce good results you will gain confidence and increase performance.

And when studying, you need to have all the tools you need for study. Since studying time should use the brain only for studying, prepare drinks so that you do not have to go to the kitchen many times, "Let's drink coffee".

There is research that some classical music raises concentration, but the research result that "the act of studying while listening to music" itself reduces concentration is also shown. Perhaps there is no choice but to try out some methods and choose what suits me.

However, if you are listening to music on a smartphone, notifications of e-mail or SNS may cause concentration to stop. Although concentrating stops perfectly when opening the mail that arrived, even if it is left as it is, since it becomes matter of concern as "What was the message of the earlier, what was ... ...", the smartphone itself is far away It is better to go away.

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