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A shooting game that shoots the ground by firing ink instead of bulletsSplatoon"Has also been released overseas and the battle that has been sluggish all over the world is spreading, but overseas forces witnessed the tremendous battle of Japanese players and" I want to run away if I see Japanese "" Japan It is a situation in which it is not possible to tell you that it's too early to win a human player.

Why Japanese Splatoon Players Are Feared

"Japanese players are doing 20 kills, but I only have 2 kills ......" a tweet that is shabby.

"Whether the system is bad or what it was, all but the people were Japanese ... ...."

"Who is this Japanese, run away!"

"Remove the Japanese from Splatoon," and also that the true intention will leak out.

"When is the Japanese Splatoon user absent?"

This is apparently a terrible and strong charger at the enemy.

"Why is the Japanese play so noisy?" "Tweeted continuous tweets that we do not hurt you or your squid family".

The reason why Japanese spratoon players are being afraid so far is not only because of high playing skill but also because players living in Japan have less lag in communication, And KOTAKU is analyzing.

"I do not dislike Japanese players, I do not like rugs due to the presence of Japanese players." "Because of the users connected from Japan, the number of opponents is 2 to 4 or 1 to 3 disadvantageous There are many things to be matched and I can not forgive. "

"The disadvantage of Splatoon is that it can not match for each area, that lags favor only for users who are playing in Japan, that the number of ranks has increased due to updates"

"I wish I could separate the users for each area I live in. I'm getting tired of the Japanese being overflowing in the lobby."

"I always hope that I want to play with other than Japanese players ..."

"Why am I still playing Splatoon surrounded by Japanese players? Is not any Japanese going to a company or school?"

"There are only Japanese users at this time zone, so occasionally I change my player name to Japanese style."

Meanwhile, "If you can play nice with Splatoon, you will be pleased that an unknown Japanese user will be sent a friend request," a positive tweet as well.

According to the question "Why are you dissatisfied with Japanese players?", Tweet that "There are too many Japanese players in the Splatoon game and play is too good".

"All Japanese playfully play Supra Toon"

"By the way, why are Japanese people" Mama "and" Daddy "many?"

"Why do Japanese people have this same gear?"

"I have found a Japanese who has already reached rank 50. It's amazing. Hats off," They are no longer humans ... .... "

If you search by other keywords such as "splatoon japanese" on Twitter, you can see many tweets by overseas splatoon players, so it is good to relax while watching the tweets when you are tired of playing.

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