What is the result of asking 12 scientists, "If scientific knowledge collapses after the collapse of the world, if only one thing can be conveyed to the next generation?"

He is a prominent physicist with the Nobel PrizeRichard Feynman"If global scale fluctuations occurred and all scientific knowledge was destroyed, if you were able to convey only one sentence to the next generation, in few words what important information would you have Do you want to tell it? " Feynman says, "Assuming everything is made up of atoms"Atomism"But when BuzzFeed's reporter tried asking the same question to twelve contemporary scientists, he succeeded in obtaining various answers.

I Asked 12 Scientists: What Is The One Fact Humanity Needs To Know

1:Ceri Brenner (physicist)
Dr. Ceri Brenner's answer is "Law of conservation of energy". According to the law of conservation of energy, every energy that surrounds humans from life to space can be changed from one state to another, but the total amount is considered to be kept at a constant flow rate. For example, all phenomena such as the conversion of chemical substances into heat are included in the cycle of energy transmission, and the world felt by visual, auditory, tactile, and communication can be expressed in a state where electric energy is converted into heat or light Thing.

Dr. Brenner says, "Energy is always constant, never created or destroyed," even if a person dies, energy remains as mass, it will never be destroyed and other It will explain that it will change shape or remain as it is.

2:Buddhini Samarasinghe (molecular biologist)
Dr. Buddhini Samarasinghe, a molecular biologist, said, "The double-helical structure of DNA molecules present in all living cells is important scientific information that humankind should know." The DNA consists of four kinds of bases: adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and this ATCG sequence is information that informs human's past, present and future , It is possible to understand the life on the earth such as ancestral thing, how to cope with plague disease.

3:Lewis Dartnell (astrobiologist)
Space biologist Dr. Lewis Dartnell said "Knowledge necessary to reconstruct civilization from scratchA person who published a book called "a book." In some areas millions of lives are lost due to contaminated water every year due to diarrhea diseases, but filling transparent pet bottles with suspicious water of infection and sunlight for 6 hours during the day Just hitting, ultraviolet rays will be able to disinfect any bacteria and drink water. Dr. Dartnell replied this simple disinfection method as knowledge to be communicated to the next generation. This low-tech way is "SODISWHO recommends it to developing countries.

Four:Susannah Fleming (medical device developer)
"When I got a question, I thought about the knowledge that can generate a wide range of profits without borrowing the power of science and technology, which is a method of" anyone can do infection prevention and control, "said medical devices Development researcher Susannah Fleming. The majority of diseases are infected through breathing, contact, and body fluids due to invisible tiniest organisms. However, it is possible to minimize the probability of infection by "just drinking water". In addition, people who come into contact with living things such as injured or pets can prevent infection by cleansing the surface of the body such as hand washing.

Hand washing is a matter of course that can be said of course, Mr. Fleming said, "Although it is not an ideal countermeasure, it has been believed for centuries for at leastBrazenWe can break the way of thinking. "

Five:Duncan Casey (chemist / biophysicist / developer)
Dr. Duncan Casey, who has various titles, said, "The energy generated by turning the magnet in a loop of copper wire gives you light, heat, fresh food, clean water, I list simple power generation methods using coils as knowledge to convey. Approximately two hundred years ago, "battery" was invented, the human life changed completely, it was possible to keep the house comfortably at room temperature all the year or keep the food fresh for a longer time. Electricity is an indispensable existence for human life, enabling long distance communication like telephone and the Internet, moving factories and trains in just 200 years after birth.

Dr. Casey commented, "If you choose something to survive the society of humankind as various advanced technologies are discovered, it will be" how to generate electricity ".

6:Ying Lia Li (doctoral student in optical instrument science)
Ying Lia Li, Ph.D. student at University College London, who gave a presentation on optical instrumentation at the Okinawa Science and Technology Graduate University Conference in 2015, said about knowledge to tell the next generation, "Sitting on the beach It is to look at the ocean current, so that you can understand the mathematical description in the movement around us. " She says that by sitting on the beach and looking at the ocean current, a wide range of knowledge can be obtained from the orbit of a planet floating in space to the amount of vibration of sand stuck in the toes of the foot.

As in the ocean waves, the movement of the pattern in which the object moves back and forth, or to the left and right, is "Harmonic oscillatorIt is called "sine waveIt is also known as. There are many harmonic oscillators in reality, such as the pendulum clock pendulum, the movement of the plunger, the resonance by the bass of the car radio, and so on. Understanding the mechanism of harmonic oscillators allows scientists to manipulate atomic movements and now it is even possible to easily create "the coldest atom in the universe" within the laboratory.

7:Liam Gaffney (Nuclear Physicist)
As a nuclear physicist, Dr. Liam Gaffney, pretending that my answer might be similar to Feynman, said, "In explaining our existence,"AtomismIt is absolutely essential. We can explain that everything including human beings and substances consists of extremely small particles and everything was born from the exploding stars. " Everything in the world consists of three small elementary particles, whichproton·neutron·ElectronYou can classify it. Dr. Gaffney says, "We and all the substances around us were born from three elementary particles that originated from stars that severely exploded tens of billions of years ago," knowledge about the atoms that make up every substance Explain that it is something that should be left for future generations.

8:Alom Shaha (physics teacher)
Alom Shaha, a physical high school teacher in London who performs film production, writing of books, TV appearances of science shows, etc. "I would like to talk about ideas on" scientific methods "as teachers teaching physics to students in high school I will think. " Various chemical theories such as Newtonian mechanics, evolutionary theory by natural selection, atomic theory problems, etc. have been proved, but science is not found naturally, but human beings establish it to measure the world. By establishing scientific method, Mr. Shaha notes that "human beings have discovered scientific methods to model natural phenomena such as eradication of plague and the velocity of comets flying in space, It is said.

"When scientific knowledge was lost from the world, I thought that what I should convey to posterity is not specific knowledge and theory but how to establish scientific methods," Shaha said I replied.

9:Samuel Godfrey (biochemist)
"Since science has produced so many wonderful things so far, I think that" what human beings need to know "can not be separated into just one piece of information, instead I will be the next generation of human beings What I want to tell you is "to remain a skeptical skeptic with a strong curiosity", says Dr. Samuel Godfrey, a biochemist. An important idea in establishing scientific methods is that evidence is needed to prove all matters. Dr. Godfrey said: "Even small things, please tell the world what you learned, if you could endure the scrutiny of the world, you are right If you can prove the validity, We will change that. "

Ten:Dean Burnett (psychologist)
Dr. Dean Burnett, psychologist, says, "If you decide to rebuild society, I'd like to explain the way of thinking you need." When it comes to rebuilding society, what you need is not about basic science and natural processes, it is important to know the nature that "human brain is not 100% rational". When you create a large group to do collaborative work, you do not have to assume "everyone will cooperate", but rather thinking so will be able to lead people more reasonably.

11:Sujata Kundu (material chemist)
It is the material chemist Sujata Kundu who thinks "What we need for the next generation of humanity is not new information but a little encouragement." As a material chemist, Dr. Kundu, who views all of the universe like a Lego block composed of atoms, says, "There are rules that can not be broken absolutely already." However, Einstein leaves the word "imagination is more important than knowledge", and Dr. Kundu agrees with this word. Imagination is to look beyond the already established method, so the next generation human beings who will be born after many things are established are not existing methods, but they may need encouragement to repeat trial and error I do not.

12:Greig Cowan (particle physicist)
"FeynmanIt is difficult to win! "Dr. Greig Cowan, a particle physicist who talks about what humanity should know? As soon as I was asked what was in my mind, any student in physics or mathematics knows "Euler's equationThat thing. Dow Cowan explains that it is packing a deep concept such as calculation, circle ratio, complex number, logarithm, and 0 · 1 into a single capsule while using a small equation expressed as "eiπ + 1 = 0".

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