What is the actual condition of the criminal network that has penetrated the national central bank

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Among the banks that support society 's economy,Central BankIs responsible for the stability of the currency and the most important role in controlling the national monetary policy. But it is a central bank in the UKThe Bank of EnglandIt is clear that it was "polluted" by criminal organizations in the latter half of the 1990s.

How A Powerful Criminal Network Infiltrated The Bank Of England - BuzzFeed News

Treat news with BuzzFeed online mediaBuzzFeed NewsIt is clear from the interview of the Bank of England in the late 1990's that a "violent crime network" involving criminal acts such as money laundering, terrorist organizations, and contract murders had entered the banking organization It is. In addition, the police and the British Security Bureau (MI 5) Have also revealed that they did not disclose the information. It is said that the details of that method has not been made public due to "making the British economy unstable", but BuzzFeed News is based on an interview with a person who is familiar with secret police material and circumstances that he independently acquired He said he grasped the contents.


◆ Perception of tissue pollution
A series of organization pollution was investigated by an investigator who infiltrated inside the bank in 1998 "Operation · Belegon(Operation Beregon) ", its existence was revealed. Eavesdropping investigations were conducted targeting young gymnasts who gained confidential information of the Monetary Policy Committee belonging to the Bank of England and which has produced a very large number of profits and was involved in the "large-scale money washing" of criminal organizations, It seems that the existence of organization pollution has come to be seen from the contents of the call of "a businessman" who was suspected to leak internal confidential information.

This series of events that gradually become clear that hands of criminal organizations entered the organization at the national confidential level will be gradually revealed, but in order to protect the person involved in a shameful scandal from investigations by citizens, parliament, judicial judgment, police And MI 5 seem to avoid publishing this fact over 16 years. The police warns people in the upper banks who gave internal information to businessmen, but they have not identified the person who actually leaked the information. Nobody has ever been disposed of in this case so businessmen are also keeping their eyes closed.

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The Monetary Policy Committee holds a committee on a monthly basis and decides the reference interest rate of the Bank of England. Because this interest rate affects all aspects of the domestic economy, participants of the committee are required to sign a confidentiality pledge, obliged not to mention the contents at all until the contents are publicized to the public It is done. According to the survey results, the result is that information leakage is not from members of the monetary policy committee.

However, the marked "businessman" had a sexual relationship with the wife of the insider of the Bank of England and got confidential information that was planned to be released ahead of the day and got to compete in the trading market It is thought. As a matter of information leakage at the national secret level like this, the intelligence agency · MI 5 immediately took over the investigation, and the details became confidential matter for many years afterwards for many years.


However, in the survey, we have not identified the source of information leakage, and this case has been closed without accepting any response. After that, the survey report has been kept confidential for a long time, but in July 2015 we decided to release confidentiality. However, as of the end of July 2015, its contents have not been disclosed yet, "BuzzFeed News points out that we can also see the secret back to the secret."

◆ "The man in suit" and the actual state of information leakage
Although this information is not readily disclosed, BuzzFeed News clarifies the contents of "Operation · Belegon" from fragmentary information and interviews with police officials.

For businessmen who are marked it is impossible to reveal identity based on legal grounds, so for convenience "A man with a suitIt is said that the behavior of this man is disclosed in the survey. The man of the suit denied involvement in the incident as not having participated in money laundering and criminal acts, claiming that he did not get internal information from the Bank of England. A man's lawyer also points out that "there is no evidence and phone tapping also does not meet the requirements of the law."

But in the material that BuzzFeed News could see, the suit man is the boss of a criminal organization based in north LondonTerry Adams"A huge amount of information" indicating the involvement with the gang group's boss class figures was stated. This article says that it contained contents indicating drug circulation and involvement in international terrorist organizations, and contents indicating relationships with murder cases in the UK and abroad. In a massive investigation conducted in 1998, it was shown that the gang of eastern London who was 51 years old at the time and the "man of suit", which is 30 years old, mainly organized a powerful criminal network There are doubts about drug trafficking and illegal buying and selling of weapons to terrorist groups.

Furthermore, from the eavesdropping investigation based on the permission, the content of the call with a plurality of lovers living in London was clarified, and it was said that one of the partners was revealed to be the wife of a person working at the Bank of England about. A suit man is a criminal organization and is in charge of business and finance in general society, according to researchers, it is also clarified that "massive money laundering is done". This "man of suit" was riding a luxury car such as red Ferrari, black Porsche, silver Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley, but the man's lawyer said to the interview of BuzzFeed News "Because I like luxury cars "He explained that he owned an expensive car. In addition, it seems that there were also a lot of assets owned in addition to cars.

In the following investigated photographs, "Man of Suit" with a beige coat in hand and Terry Adams reflected in the picture on the left and its related person "Adams FamilyIt contains the figure of.

Initially, in the Adams familySorie NahumHe is in charge of money laundering and he has moved funds through jewelry trading and general dealings, but in November 1998 he was murdered by someone. The culprit who killed Nahum is considered to be "a man of suit", and then the man seems to be in charge of the money laundering role of the Adams family.

A lawyer of "suit men" has denied the involvement to BuzzFeed News "There is no personal relationship or business connection with Terry · Adams", but later I met Adams several times I know that "I knew through watches and jewelry trading" with things and murdered Nahum.


What shook the investigation team further was the fact that this "man of suit" had connection with the most authoritative financial institution in the UK. According to the contents of the call record with the mistress in London, it is said that the man was found to be in intimate relationship with the mistress who is close to the Bank of England and members of its monetary policy committee. The investigation team shows that the man said that he had pulled out information inside the bank from this route, and a man's lawyer also said that "I have never obtained such information and acted accordingly In addition, men have never had a sexual relationship with the wife or partner of the Bank of England bankruptcy. "

In response to these series of suspicions, the Bank of England said, "We have received inquiries about potential problems from the police, we are cooperating with the request, and we have not found anything to support information leaks." denial. The London Metropolitan Police Department has stated that it is "to defend the assertion" while saying "There is no provision to comment on specific elements underway except for court process." In addition, the "Bureau of National Crime Control" led by Operation · Belegon "National Crime Control Agency"Refuses to comment.

Although it is a series of events that a glimpse of the hands of criminal organizations entering positions that can be said to be the center of national finance, it is said that the truth has not been released yet. It seems to be said that it remains unclear whether the day when crisis management reasons and this incident pointed out that it is not announced to protect "prestige" will be revealed.


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