Windows 10 proved to have the ability to automatically send children's Internet browsing history to parents

Windows 10 is known to communicate various information with Microsoft servers,Point out that there is a problem from the viewpoint of privacyIs also issued. Meanwhile, Windows 10 has reported that it has the function of automatically collecting the child's browsing history of children and reporting the contents to the parent as a report.

Windows 10 automatically sends parents detailed dossier of their children's internet history and computer use - News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent

this isThe IndependentIt is a report from the Windows 10 user sent to. This Windows 10 user said that when I upgraded my 14-year-old son's PC from Windows 8 to Windows 10, a report from Microsoft "Weekly activity report" was mailed. In that report, it seems that information such as the browsing history and browsing time of the website of the child website, and how long the favorite application is played.

With respect to the function itself to collect and report such user's personal information, Microsoft neglects notifying the user, and furthermore, the function can be changed in the default state without the user's willingness to make a choice, This user who is revealed his son's personal information in the Weekly activity report about being effective is indignant.

From the viewpoint of protecting minors, it is certain that the function itself of applying certain restrictions on the Internet and applications of children and collecting usage information is useful, but without waiting for user's request, the child's Twitter is very concerned about the behavior of Windows 10 that collects privacy information.

"Users appreciate Windows 10, which separates children from the network because children become hurt by using Windows 10 that does not take care of their privacy."

A user who was abused by his parents when he was a child was said to have been saved by the computer. However, the alarm ringing that the world of computer that can run into Windows 10 era children is gone is sounded.

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